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Faux Mercury Glass Table Lamps

I found some hideous, rusted, hollow glass lamps thrifting. I remembered a pair from Crate & Barrel, which I loved, so I set out to recreate them! With a little elbow grease I turned them into some faux mercury glass lamps! I think they cleaned up pretty good!

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Song Lyric Artwork

I fell in love with some very expensive artwork on Pinterest, so when I came across some huge and very ugly framed art while thrifting, I knew what I needed to do. With a contact paper stencil, architectural print, some sandpaper, paint and my favorite song I made my own!

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How to Paint Brass Lamps

Looking at the lamps, what can I say? I love them! Only they're always so ugly, so rather than leave these lamps as bare as the Mojave Desert, I've decided to prime them, sand them, paint them, shade them, and give life to these barren, brass fellows.
I found a couple of brass lamps at DI ages ago, I mean maybe two summers ago? These lamps were just your basic brass and now they're totally minty-radness! I love having a pop of mint in the room.
For around 20 bucks each you can do the same thing- create a brand new (looking) lamp that matches your decor exactly and aren't those 70's style lams fun?

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Gallery Wall Tips & Tutorials

Let's see, first I purchased the frames in 1 fowl {fowl or foul? I can never tell} swoop, from Ikea. They're mostly the famous Ribba with a few dark brown Fjallsta frames thrown in for contrast. Total, they cost less than $80.
Planning the layout was rather arduous. First, I had to lay out all the frames on the sales floor at Ikea. Couldn't really tell which ones would work so I convinced my handsome husband we "needed them all".
I used the butcher paper you get free from Ikea -you know, the paper they let you take to protect your breakables? Yeah? So I used that stuff to cut out out squares correlating with the frame sizes. Once I'm all hung up, I use a level and some mounting putty to make sure none of the frames will shift when people walk by or if when you dust, hee, hee. Mounting putty is like 2 bucks, a little goes a long way, and it's reusable.

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Ballard Ottoman Knock Off- Outdated Ottoman rehab w/ Drop Cloth, Tufting Tutorial & No-Sew Tips

I am 100% certain that I'm more stoked about this project than anyone else could be! See, Z and I are ottoman people. Some people are ottoman people. Others are coffee tables peeps. In theory I wish I could be the coffee table type- sporting an old railway cart as the centerpiece to my room. But it isn't practical for the way we live, especially while we're living in a small space.
When I sold our couches last June-ish I kept the ottoman. Then it sat in the middle of our room in all it's corduroy and tapestry glory. I am super excited to have something we use every day look like it belongs in my room!
It was pretty easy for me to get from this before pic to my after. I put this project off- forever- because of the sewing issue. See, I can't, and I knew I would need to sew the bottom portion to make this look like something I would buy- not something I made.

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Stenciled Damask Curtains Tutorial

Don' you hate it when you envision the perfect curtains for your space...but cannot find them anywhere to buy? Gotta love how far stencils have come! I am loving how mine turned out, especially when the sun shines through them. [I stenciled 6 panels]

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Super Easy & Amazing DIY Laundry Detergent

Holy freaking crap! Did you know you can save a butt load of dough mixing a few ingredients with your laundry detergent? Oh yeah, it's true girl friends! Grab your grader and get to grinding ladies! Heck, have your husbands join in. Thats a clean joke they'll think is dirty. This is fun, easy, and makes laundry detergent last for ever!

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Tree Stump Into West Elm Inspired Side Table

I've seen these tables around the Internet for awhile and I loooove them! I would probably put two in my living room if there were space for them. I've seen painted and stained versions. But the one I'm hacking is from West Elm. I love it so much, from the stump, to the rug to the cool chair. I kept an eye out for tree stumps for ever months! If you get a newly cut stump, it needs to dry out for a few months. After it's dried out the bark will come off. If you get one that's been cut for awhile, then you need to make sure it's not bug infested! {gasp!}
So that's why it took so long, trying to make sure it was tall enough, wide enough, old enough, but not too old or too short, etc. Once I found it, there were a few short steps to prep the stump and turn it into a table.
Then I experimented with homemade stain formulas to get the right color. I'll show you the results from each of the formulas I used, so you can judge for yourself which stain you would use!

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Easy Niche Update: DIY Triangle [Faux] Wallpaper

I always mention this when I show a part of my home, but Zack and I rent a 2B/2B condo since we've both been in grad school. That's my disclaimer for whenever I show a new room or something, cause I try to lower your expectations right away! lol Now, just so you know, I can't paint the walls here. I am "stuck" with this white-ish color, so I needed to be creative. I came up with this little idea when I saw some black and white tree wallpaper on Pinterest and it was like a light bulb for me.

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How to DIY Antique Gold Finish [Lantern]

I've been using gold spray paint all over the house, I decided to make over an old lantern with something a little different. It all started when I saw a gorgeous lantern shopping and I just knew I needed something similar. When I got an old silver one at a yard sale, I figured it was worth a buck or two- just to see what I could do to it!

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