transforming our vacant property into our landscaped paradise, concrete masonry, decks, fences, flowers, gardening, landscape, outdoor living, ponds water features, pool designs, roofing

Transforming Our Vacant Property Into Our Landscaped Paradise

We bought our property and found that it was used by teenagers as a party spot. The first thing we...

a pool deck build, decks, home improvement, pool designs, woodworking projects

A Pool Deck Build

After a couple of summers of navigating the ladder that came with the pool, and falling off more...

how to build a fairy garden waterfall with foam in a can, gardening, how to, ponds water features

How to Build a Fairy Garden Waterfall With Foam In A Can

I love Fairy Gardens so I wanted to build a waterfall and make it magical. I bought some cans of...

every home needs curb appeal, curb appeal, homesteading, The Lazy A Hens now have a landscaped yard

Every Home Needs Curb Appeal!

After building our chicken coop I decided every home needs curb appeal!

Janet Arceneaux
Janet Arceneaux