tips for buying potted mums to get the biggest bang for your buck

Tips for Buying Potted Mums to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Have you ever purchased a chrysanthemum (better known as mum) to decorate for fall, just because they're beautiful, they scream fall to you and you couldn't resist, just to get it home and have it looking pathetic in a couple of weeks? I'm cheap and that just feels like money down the drain to me. Join me and let's go shopping together, so I can show you how to pick out mums to get the biggest bang for your buck.Now this is the first rule of thumb in keeping potted mums looking great - don't buy your mums too early. I know you folks are from all over the country, so it's important to know when too early is. Look at an extended weather forecast. Mums really like temps in the 60s. I live in Minnesota - Zone 4b and it's best here to wait until mid to late September or early October before purchasing mums.

transitioning the front porch and outdoor decor to fall

Transitioning The Front Porch and Outdoor Decor to Fall

I love putting together little vignettes of junk or upcycled vintage items in my gardens. When the temperatures start dropping, I love switching out those vignettes and flower pots to fall flowers and fall decor.Our front porch is teeny, tiny, so there isn’t much room to decorate. I still like to have a little something just to make it feel homey and welcoming.

fall gardening it s time to gather flower seeds

Fall Gardening - It's Time To Gather Flower Seeds

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, so I like to save money whenever I can in the garden. One way to do this is by gathering seeds from flowers you love to save and plant in the spring. This is also a fun activity to do with kids and a great way to teach them about gardening. Here are some easy steps for gathering and saving seeds.

fall gardening how to plant bulbs for amazing spring flowers

Fall Gardening - How to Plant Bulbs for Amazing Spring Flowers

Although it's very easy, planting bulbs in the fall is honestly not one of my favorite things to do, and I’m usually out there cursing myself for buying so many. BUT, come spring I’m so happy I went to the trouble to plant them. After a long Minnesota winter, there’s nothing I like better than to see those bits of green popping up through the soil, and then the resulting bright, cheery and amazing spring flowers.

make a rustic garden ladder trellis using tree branches

Make a Rustic Garden Ladder Trellis Using Tree Branches

I love using natural elements like stones, logs, driftwood and branches as decor in my gardens. I'm lucky enough to have a hubby who is handy and likes to tinker around with these items and make cool things for my gardens.

diy garden journal

DIY Garden Journal

Right now is the best time to plan next year's gardens and the best way to accomplish that is with a Garden Journal. Keeping a Garden Journal is the best gardening resource to save you time and money year after year and a great way to keep you on track for your best garden ever! There are lots of garden journal type apps available, but I just haven't found one I like better than my paper garden journal. I've been doing a bit of research and put a Garden Journal together that is working well for me. I've done lots of tweaking and will likely do more, but for now I'm loving my Garden Journal. This is just a start to putting together your DIY Garden Journal. If you'd like more tips and free gardening printables to make a garden journal for yourself, pop by Gingham Gardens to get the full scoop. I'd love to have you.

shade garden makeover

Shade Garden Makeover

I've done several garden makeovers at our little fixer upper home that we purchased a few years ago, but this Shade Garden Makeover is definitely my favorite one yet. Let's get started.

tips for transplanting and dividing perennials

Tips for Transplanting and Dividing Perennials

Spring, late summer and fall are the best times to divide and/or transplant perennials. The plants will recover better if they are divided and transplanted on an overcast, cooler day. Although, most perennials are pretty resilient and will eventually recover no matter when they are transplanted. Follow along as I show you how to transplant a perennial.

using upcycled vintage junk for garden decor, Vintage Milk Can used as a Planter

Using Upcycled Vintage Junk for Garden Decor

I love taking vintage items, or junk as some of us call it, and upcycling them, or using them "as is" in my flower gardens as decor pieces. My hubs and I like to go to flea markets and estate sales and that is where I find most of my junk pieces.Let's use this old milk can as an example. Milk cans were originally used in the early 19th century in the U.S. by dairy farmers. We found this one at a flea market several years ago.

easy garden makeover, Easy Garden Makeover Before

Easy Garden Makeover

I have shared a few other garden makeovers here on Hometalk. In August of 2016, my husband and I downsized and purchased a fixer upper. The yard needed as much fixing up as the inside of the house did. I chronicle my garden makeovers at my blog called Gingham Gardens.

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