ikea tarva nightstand hack using napkins

Ikea Tarva Nightstand Hack Using Napkins

For the past month my husband and I have been working on a bedroom makeover. We bought a new bed and dresser, but I was struggling with finding side tables that I loved and weren't over budget. Then I had an epiphany. I could purchase the unfinished wood side tables from Ikea, which are so cheap at $34.99, and redo them. A few years ago I hacked the Ikea Rast 3-drawer chest using napkins and luckily I still had them. This Ikea Tarva Hack Using Napkins is so easy it can be done in just a few days. I just love the fresh color the side tables have brought into our room to tie everything together. The possibilities are endless.

crate storage with extra seating or ottoman option

Crate Storage With Extra Seating or Ottoman Option

About a month ago we welcomed a new puppy to our family. Now that Roxy has joined us we're realizing how many toys our pups have acquired. Since I still had leftover crates from my sister-in-law I thought I could easily convert one into a toy bin. But I didn't want just any kind of toy bin. I wanted something that was going to be multi-functional, hence the Crate Storage with Extra Seating or Ottoman Option. The whole thing was easy to put together and I already had the majority of the items on hand. I used a curtain panel for the fabric since it was cheaper than purchasing the same fabric at a store and I could make multiples from one panel. Cutting the slats out are optional. My favorite part is that since the top is removable I can use it as seat when playing on the floor with the dogs.

easy crate kitchen storage

Easy Crate Kitchen Storage

My sister-in-law was cleaning out her garage and found lots of crates she had purchased, but no longer needed. She knows I love crafting, so she offered them up to me. I jumped at the chance to create easy and purposeful storage options. The first thing I decided to make was this Easy Crate Kitchen Storage. Like most people I struggle with keeping the kitchen clutter free and organized. There just is never enough room. The one place that gets underutilized for storage are the walls. I'm always hesitant to hang things on the wall, because I worry about weight and the integrity of the drywall. However, with the right wall anchors and proper weight limits you too can have a more organized kitchen. I added a shelf in the middle to create a more defined space.

super hero comic book sign

Super Hero Comic Book Sign

Valentine's day is just another day in our household. Perhaps I ruined it by not liking chocolate or maybe it's because the "holiday" is geared more towards women. Either way we don't do much other than maybe a nice dinner at home. Since we don't buy into the whole roses and chocolates thing I decided to do something out of the box for my husband this year. I made him this Super Hero Comic Book Sign. I went to the craft store and purchased the wooden heart sign that I painted white with red edges. The comic book I also got locally . We love Deadpool in our house since he's the anti-hero and more adult like, plus I knew the Valentine's edition from last year would not disappoint. The best part about this is you can literally use any comic book or super hero you want. These are a great way to decorate a child's room or give as a gift to that special person in your life.

spring shadowbox faux floral arrangement

Spring Shadowbox Faux Floral Arrangement

It never fails. Once the holidays pass I am counting down the days for Spring to arrive. I want the warmer weather, birds chirping, and fragrant flowers. Unfortunately, I'm not mother nature, so I decided to bring Spring inside early this year. This Spring Shadowbox Faux Floral Arrangement certainly does the trick. The flowers are beautiful, bring a lovely pop of color to the room, and it was so easy to put together. I bought all of my supplies from the craft store while it was on sale which kept costs low. You can hang the shadowbox on the wall, use it as decoration for a coffee table, or even as an inexpensive alternative for wedding centerpieces. I just love how it came out!

easy upscale and cheap coasters and trivet

Easy Upscale and Cheap Coasters and Trivet

It seems every upscale store I went into while I was holiday shopping had these beautiful agate cheeseboards or coasters with gold trim. Not only were they gorgeous and elegant, but they came with a pretty hefty price tag to boot. Inspired, I decided to make my own version using Unicorn Spit and tiles from the home improvement store. I just absolutely love how they came out!

cheap school or office command center

Cheap School or Office Command Center

My daughter does online school and like a brick and mortar school she has folders for every class. I was tired of her folders being so disorganized and not knowing which work needed to be checked and what was left to complete. As I was getting ready to throw away another cereal box inspiration struck, I could make a Cheap School or Office Command Center. This couldn’t have been any easier and the fabric helps fortify the cereal boxes for long term use. Since we used a foam board you can even tack pictures or notes to it, which is great for the office, school, or even just mail. Both my daughter and I couldn’t be happier with how cute this came out!

festive feathered holiday trees

Festive Feathered Holiday Trees

One of the holiday items I have been coveting the most are the feather covered items that range anywhere from trees to adorable reindeer and even to Santa himself, then I get sticker shock every time. I mean as cute as they are they’re not worth my hard-earned Jackson’s, so I decided this year would be my year. I WILL get my feathered trees, except on a much more modest budget of course. I decided on making my very own Feathered Holiday Trees using a foam craft cone, a bag of white feathers, and some hot glue. I just love the way the feathers move ever so slightly when you walk by them and the look can match any décor, as they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

dollar store quick and easy snow globes

Dollar Store Quick and Easy Snow Globes

I absolutely love snow globes. When shaking them I get lost in the snow covered scene and the joy it brings for both children and adults alike. Also, being from Florida this is the closest thing I'll get to snow anytime soon. With this Dollar Store Quick and Easy Snow Globe you too can have your very own snow globe. These are great for gifts or a personalized touch to your holiday decor. The best part is it only cost $4 and less than 30 minutes to make including drying time!

simple soup can vase

Simple Soup Can Vase

With all of the cooking and baking we've been doing lately we've found ourselves with a plethora of soup cans. I've been washing them out and setting them aside waiting for inspiration to strike. Well, who knew that inspiration would come in the form of my 11 year old daughter. Using any excuse to glitter things she created this super Simple Soup Can Vase in an hour. We just added some dollar store faux flowers spray painted with.....you guessed it.....more glitter. I mean seriously how could you not love glitter?! This makes an easy and beautiful centerpiece for the holidays that guests can take with them. Plus, there's glitter!

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