easy dollar store christmas jars

Easy Dollar Store Christmas Jars!

We throw a 'Christmas Cake Party' every year and give out a candy jar as a gift. This post is how we made dollar store mug jars look like one hundred billion dollar store mug jars....yikes, that was a lame intro!

christmas tree makeover

Christmas Tree Makeovers!

You can transform any tree into something amazing. That's right! No matter what that tree looks like, you can give it an epic upgrade.This post is how I make my workshop trees. I live in Japan where Christmas is very popular, but christmas trees...not so much. Most of my students don't have a tree in their house for these three reasons.1. There's not enough space2. Trees are too expensive3. It's too troublesome for parentsI solved these problems with my workshop tree. My trees are:1. 90cm tall and come in a sturdy box that fits in the corner of a traditional Japanese closet2. Only costs $5 for my students3. All decorations are glued in place so the tree can be unpacked and packed up in minutes.

painted old chairs

Painted Old Chairs!

Check this out! We scored a truckload of old chairs and a table!An old closed restaurant was cleaning house and put an ad up on an auction site that my lovely wife Mariko follows. She saw "free furniture" and we were there the next day with a truck.

turn your hutch into a candy hutch

Turn Your Hutch Into a Candy Hutch!

That's right! This is an awesome idea for any kind of party and kids love it!

farmhouse halloween wreath

Farmhouse Halloween Wreath

Would you consider this farmhouse? Maybe rustic? Definitely awesome though, right? This is how I made a Halloween wreath with stuff I already had in my workshop.

paper clay haunted house with lights 2

Paper Clay Haunted House With Lights #2

Let's make some haunted houses folks!

how to make a wood candy dispenser

How To Make a Wood Candy Dispenser!

These things are the best! It looks like something Spongebob would have next to his bed!

paper clay brick wall

Paper Clay Brick Wall!

I love interior brick walls and this is how I made a realistic looking brick wall out of homemade paper clay.

how to easily frame a large print for cheap

How To Easily Frame A Large Print For Cheap!

Frames are expensive! Am I right or am I super right?I got a large print of my favorite piece of Japanese artwork and was shocked when the frame shop told me it would be about 9 million dollars to frame.This is how I framed it for cheap.

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