farmhouse halloween wreath

Farmhouse Halloween Wreath

Would you consider this farmhouse? Maybe rustic? Definitely awesome though, right? This is how I made a Halloween wreath with stuff I already had in my workshop.

paper clay haunted house with lights 2

Paper Clay Haunted House With Lights #2

Let's make some haunted houses folks!

how to make a wood candy dispenser

How To Make a Wood Candy Dispenser!

These things are the best! It looks like something Spongebob would have next to his bed!

paper clay brick wall

Paper Clay Brick Wall!

I love interior brick walls and this is how I made a realistic looking brick wall out of homemade paper clay.

how to easily frame a large print for cheap

How To Easily Frame A Large Print For Cheap!

Frames are expensive! Am I right or am I super right?I got a large print of my favorite piece of Japanese artwork and was shocked when the frame shop told me it would be about 9 million dollars to frame.This is how I framed it for cheap.

hallway makeover pallet ceiling lights and stripes

Hallway Makeover- Pallet Ceiling, Lights and Stripes!

There's a view of an upstair hallway ceiling from the entryway of my house. I made this view epic with some old pallets, stripes and IKEA light bulbs.

small bathroom makeover part 1 the ceiling

Small Bathroom Makeover Part 1: The Ceiling

This bathroom is really small too! I'm talking coffin small! If you're in there and sneeze, you'll probably bang your head on the wall. I live in Japan and small bathrooms are the norm. I get it too! Just get in and get out...unless you're in my house and you'll get in, but get stuck trying to get out. Too many jokes? I remodeled my downstairs restroom of equal itty-bitty-ness and you can check out the post here:

create a custom outdoor sign

Create A Custom Outdoor Sign!

This was a very special and meaningful project for me! I recently opened an English and creativity school in Japan! I have been teaching English to Japanese students for over ten years and I believe that success in the learning process is greatly attributed to the creativity of the teachers. I'm bringing English and Creativity together to make something special.If you follow me on Facebook, this was taken from my official announcement. My lovely wife Mariko helped me design a perfect school logo and this post is how I made that logo into a school sign. You can check out my school here:

three junk clocks fixed and flipped

Three Junk Clocks - Fixed and Flipped!

My lovely wife Mariko and I are clock collectors! We collect old Japanese mechanical movement box clocks and display them around our house. We've dedicated a hallway to our favorite clocks too. An entire hallway full of tick-tock clocks! Imagine the sound at the top of every hour! I actually need to stop them all if my daughter has friends sleep over, because they say the noises scare them at night. Why clocks? I've always been fascinated by the movement in a windup clock. I have a lot of success fixing junk clocks too. I found three junk Aichi Super Eight clocks at an on-line auction and was able to fix all three movements. This post is about the fixed and flipped clocks.

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