build a rustic farmhouse coffee table, diy, painted furniture, rustic furniture, woodworking projects

Build A Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

It was time for a change. The coffee table my wife and I had turned 12 years old, and we were ready for something else.

west elm inspired cubby shelf, diy, shelving ideas, woodworking projects

West-Elm Inspired Cubby Shelf

One of our mantras here at American Workshop is "Build, don't buy!" Why? Because of projects like this! The original sells for $179, but this DIY version will save you over $130. So when we came across Jen Woodhouse's plans for this West Elm knockoff (you can read her original blog post here:, we knew this was something we wanted to recreate.

vintage table transformed into lego table, diy, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Vintage Table Transformed Into Lego Table

A while back, my wife found a table that she thought would make a perfect Lego table. When we got it though, none of the boys cared for Legos, so instead we used it for its original purpose, an end table. But now that Legos are everywhere, we decided it would be a great time to finally convert that table into its new purpose.

make your own lego coat rack, diy, wall decor, woodworking projects

Make Your Own Lego Coat Rack

If you have a child or used to be one, then you understand their irrational love for all things Lego. You also understand that sometimes children have a hard time picking up after themselves, which was the case with my kids. After picking up their coat for the 843rd time, I knew that I needed to create a coat rack just for them.

how to make a cutting board in 30 minutes, how to, woodworking projects, Simple cutting boards

How to Make a Cutting Board in 30 Minutes

Like most aspiring woodworkers, I love walking into Home Depot and imagining all the things I could make with the pretty, perfect boards I see lining the aisles. But you might be surprised to find out that it only takes a few extra minutes (and almost zero woodworking skill) to turn rough, uneven lumber like this stuff...

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