thanksgiving table inspiration

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Chanda and I have been excited to get into the full swing of fall, from baking pumpkin pies to pinning Fall decor ideas- I am almost ready to bust out the scarfs! We thought it would be fun to show you a few festive ideas for your thanksgiving table. Table decor is a very important part of an event, this is the majority of time where your guests will spend their time sipping away and enjoying their meal. Let’s get past the predictable orange pumpkins and gourds and move onto some class today- I call this one a more intimate Thanksgiving table. Original Blog Post Zest it Up

thanksgiving table with wood and pewter

Thanksgiving Table With Wood and Pewter

Hi lovelies!!It has been beyond crazy here at Zest it Up. We had the amazing opportunity to be involved with five events last week. Catering, rehearsals, weddings, rentals….literally every aspect of Zest it Up was jumping! Original Blog Post Zest it Up

easy thanksgiving feather candle decor

Easy Thanksgiving Feather Candle Decor

With Thanksgiving around the corner I will admit I am very excited about the gorgeous food spread and really rocking the food baby this year (perks of being pregnant during the holidays!) but I am also giddy to set the table. Does anyone else get super excited about setting the table? I love fall colors so I guess when I see the end result of the table all pretty and ready for chaos, it excites me. I usually try to pick a theme- all natural with corn or wheat, or maybe all white pumpkins and fresh flowers? Constantly trying to mix it up! This year I though it would be fun to really set the ambiance with candlelight. This little creation is super easy to make and prep in advance. I have an Italian family of 50+ so when I set the table I usually try to do this the night before!! Most of these supplies are also at the dollar store- score! Original Blog PostPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy

decoupage tiles for christmas coasters

Decoupage Tiles for Christmas Coasters

This was the best little project for my kiddos…ahem, and me too! I dare you not to get swept away with a little decoupage creativity.It is officially the time of year for some major crafting, and my kids are definitely not immune to serious Christmas-time-creativity. In fact, Conall had a super cute craft fair for his school, and since I love the idea of kids creating things, and honing their entrepreneurial skills, I fully supported my kiddo diving in! The crafting was supposed to be up to my little guy (aka not a mommy project where I control the outcome and the mess), so I decided to bust out Mod Podge and let him makeover some old tiles from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. The result was not only cute, but my toe-heads had a blast! I adore watching them work together and get lost in the creativity.

diy marble and wood cutting board

DIY Marble and Wood Cutting Board

It’s no secret that I love woodworking. There is something so deeply satisfying about taking simple boards and creating pieces of significance and staying power. Call it the romantic in me, but I love how beautifully crafted furniture can be passed down as precious treasures. Every night my little family eats around the same table on which my great-grandmother and then my mother served their home cooked meals. That is just beautiful poetry to me!I’m not going to lie, I am totally one of those weirdos who geeks out over different types of woods and swoons over a baby smooth sanding job. It’s kind of ridiculous! The good news is that you do not need to be some woodworking connoisseur (notice I am being way more upbeat than saying “freak” lol). Nope, this project is literally about glueing and sanding. You could cut your own wood, but you could even have the hardware store do that for ya if you wanted! Simple, simple when it comes to this DIY marble and wood cutting board. Zest it UpPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy

how to make a tile into a coaster with cork

How to Make a Tile Into a Coaster With Cork

Today’s find and fix it craft is SO easy you could probably do it blindfolded!! Gotta love that right?? We have this room in my home that we call the “sun room” because it lets in so much awesome natural light, in fact you have seen this room many a times in our photos since let’s face it- lighting is key in the photo world!! Well we have officially began to zest this room and create a cozy little living nook- details on that to come!! But in the mean time, in order to make it a real coffee table living room kind of experience we need some good old coasters!! Now many of you know about my slight obsession with honeycomb, I just love the pattern!! If you've ever been in my home, you can see this pattern in almost every room! Original Blog Post Zest it Up

how to propagate your monstera deliciosa plant

How to Propagate Your Monstera Deliciosa Plant

I know that Chanda and I have told you about succulent, lavender and just propagation in general! As you can see we are all about plants…and especially into plant sharing. Maybe similar to the joy of a new child, a new plant baby is just a beautiful thing. (yep I compared a plant baby to a real live human baby, I am allowed to do this now that I have a 7 month old- hA!) But whether you have a human baby or not, I think we can both agree that plants make homes better. They add color, texture and life. One of my favorite plants I have is my Monstera Deliciosa (aka the swiss cheese plant). I love it’s large sprawling leaves, I love the bright pop of green color it brings to my kitchen, and now I love it even more after having propagated it to “zest up” my living room and bathroom! First you might be wondering, hold up- I need to keep my precious plant baby alive- how do I do this?! Here are a few tips for caring for a Monstera.Light: Keep in mind the origin of this plant- it screams tropical! That means these plants are used to bright but indirect light. If you can maintain moderate filtered light they will be happiest, you will notice they grow reaching towards the sun- so be sure to rotate these beauties so your plant does not end up lop sided.Water: Once again, think rainforest tropical! These babies will not enjoy dry soil so be sure to keep moist and even give them a mist every now and then if you please. In fact, did you know the purpose of those splits and holes in the leaves is to allow rain to fall through them?! Talk about a lot of water!Care: Be sure to dust off those gorgeous large leaves every now and then to make sure photosynthesis isn’t interfered with. Simply wet a microfiber towel with water and gently stroke your babies. Zest it Up Blog Post

farmhouse coat rack for small spaces

Farmhouse Coat Rack for Small Spaces

I would very much consider myself a small space inhabitant. I do not have a “tiny home” that exudes minimalism and tidiness in a manner deserving of a design show, but I like to think that I have put some thought into clever, multi-tasking details. When you live in a 1,500 sq/ft townhouse with your hubby, two teenage boys and eleven year old daughter, things can get really tight. The dining room table absolutely doubles as a homework desk, the coffee table masks huge storage bins for my sewing/knitting supplies and mismatched socks (because I am a real person and totally fold my masses of laundry while binging on Netflix), and my coffee cart cleverly hides away oodles of school supplies and Boy Scout paperwork behind it’s tidy little cabinet doors. I am big on keeping the footprint of things in my house down to a minimum, and using vertical height helps me to get that done. I do not know about your house, but the front entry is one of the most notorious locations for piles and clutter to amass. In order to keep things manageable, and not overwhelming, I built a simple pipe coat/purse/hat rack for the wall space right by my front door. Using an old drawer for reclaimed wood, the project cost me only around $40 to pull off, and now things have a home when we walk in the door. You can use any discarded drawer, just make sure that the sides are real wood (not pressboard, and I liked the extra detailing that the dovetailed joints gave my final piece…kinda like the crenellations of a castle). Zest it UpPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy

easy modern inlayed wood tray

Easy Modern Inlayed Wood Tray

Six years into Zest and I am still a junker at heart. There is something so darn rewarding about grabbing something that has been discarded, and giving it a chic new life. Sam and I started Zest it Up way-back-when with the purchase of a bottle of Gorilla Glue, paint and some screws. Pulling furniture off the side of the road in Los Osos, CA, we breathed new life into literal trash and sold it at local consignment stores. Since those days, we have watched Zest grow and bloom into a passion driven company with a heart for makers, creativity, community, and learning. In all honesty, Zest is a way of life for us. It is how we see the world. So, when friends and clients find little junker-treasures that they are dying to give us for transformation, like this tray, I am blown away at the culture we are having fun creating! Zest it UpPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy

diy leather wine charms

DIY Leather Wine Charms

I don’t know what I get more excited about with hosting…the actual party or the “after” party. LOL. Let me explain….I love planning, cleaning, decorating and organizing… plus I love people- so of course it would make sense I love to host! But not gonna lie, sometimes when the last guest has left and you kick up your feet with a glass of vino and some leftover cookie dough, that is what I call a good night! ha! (Hence my love for the after party) Today we are inspired by the "after" party to make a DIY craft that is perfect for those of you whom love to host, wine charms! I think when people think of wine charms they think of random monopoly-like figures that seem like grandma’s charm bracelet. Not today my friends, today we make hip fun trendy leather charms that I know I would personally love to receive (hint hint, this is a great gift idea!) Zest it UpPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy

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