christmas joy

Christmas JOY

I have been planning this project for quite some time; but as often happens, real life just gets in the way of my crafting life. believe it or not, this was originally a Spring project.

finally faux cotton plant arrangement

Finally "faux" Cotton Plant Arrangement

Every time I am at any craft/home decor store I am always drawn to the "cotton" branches. Every time I see the price and say: "I can do that"! But never did, until now...

flower shoppe sign

Flower SHOPPE Sign

My new portable flower shoppe really needed a sign and I really loved this reverse printing on glass technique. Hope you like it.So here we go

flower shoppe to go

Flower Shoppe "to Go"

Finally, I am turning my passion for paper flowers into a portable business. I have always wanted to have a "stash" of paper flowers so I could put together an arrangement/creation at a moments notice. This was the motivation/inspiration for my Flower Shoppe "to go".

did somebody say ombre

Did Somebody Say OMBRE?

I had already started this project when I realized I never took the BEFORE picture. Take my word for it, these two planter/pots were destined for the dumpster.So this is the planter when I have already wrapped it in rope using hot glue, as I wrapped the rope around the pot. Moving slowly.

wine bottle paper flower tutorial

Wine Bottle Paper Flower Tutorial

Recently my wine bottle window was featured on HOMETALK. I was thrilled beyond words. What followed was a number of questions about how I created the flowers used on the wine bottles, so here is my tutorial.

faux cosmos paper flower

Faux Cosmos - Paper Flower

Thank you Hometalk for my Amazon gift card. I used it to purchase my latest paper punch so I could dabble into the world of paper crafting once again.

faux garden window

Faux Garden Window

My daughter gave me this "window" mirror to sell at a garage sale. Sadly I came home with it and knew I had to give it a new life. So here we go.

backyard bicycle wheel upcycle

Backyard Bicycle Wheel Upcycle

When I found this rusty discarded bicycle wheel on a morning walk, I had NO idea what I was going to do with it; but I knew it deserved a second chance.

fire crackers for the 4th of july

Fire Crackers for the 4th of July

When thinking about what kind of decoration I would create for the 4th of July, I remembered I had a broomstick in my wood stash...firecrackers are round...hmmmm....

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