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Making Someone Else's Used Up Furniture Something New For You

How we turned my in-laws old built-ins and made them look like they've always been in our house.
If you look around the main floor of our house, there's only a few pieces of furniture that we've bought ourselves. Everything else has been given to use, mostly by Jon's parents. We love when we get the phone call, "Could you use this?" or "Would you like to have this?" Last year was no different. Jon's parents were in the process of making his old bedroom into the grandsons' bedroom/playroom for when they stay and visit. When they bought the house over ten years ago, the built-ins were actually in the living room and were two pieces. They moved them into Jon's bedroom and added some molding to make it look like one big built-in.

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An Octonauts Big Boy Bedroom

Several months ago we started working on getting what used to be the spare bedroom ready for our son's big boy room. Originally he wanted his room to stay pirates, but changed it to the Octonauts. If you've ever tried looking for stuff for an Octonauts themed bedroom, you know that there's hardly anything to buy here in the US.

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Cleaning a Microfiber Couch the Environmentally Friendly Way

Having kids really puts some real wear and tear on your furniture. It wasn't too bad when Michael was a baby, we could keep the couch looking nice and clean. Once he started being mobile and using sippy cups, the couch was always a mess. Over a year ago, I had written a post called Cleaning Microfiber Furniture. It works, don't get me wrong, but the big problem with it was that you had to use rubbing alcohol. Well, I have found a more environmentally way to clean our couch.

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Kitchen Remodel Phase One

It's been almost seven years since we bought our three story townhouse and we have finally started the kitchen remodel process. We want to try and upgrade our kitchen by spending as little money as possible. Our goal is to also try and pay this in cash as much as possible. Therefore, this remodel will be in several phases.

About meI'm a stay-at-home mom in the DC Metro area. My husband and I love watching and learning new things to help update our house without spending too much money.