Can I use Modge Podge on foam board?

I want to do a wall similar to the one in the photo, using family lake pictures but don't want it to mess up the wall if I don't like it. Foam board would be lightweight and easy to hang and remove when changing things up- unless I love it and it will stay as long as it lasts!! Wasn't sure if Modge Podge would work on foam but I want some sort of seal. Let me hear your opinions!
q can i use modge podge on foam board

Kitchen light makeover

I want to make a change in my small kitchen light area. There are two long fluorescent ballasts and one needs replaced. I like the grid but not sure what I can do different for light fixtures. Last resort is to fix them and get new plastic covers as these are pretty yellowed. Any ideas for me? As these are the only lights in the work area they need to be bright. Thanks in advance!
q kitchen light makeover, home improvement, kitchen design, lighting

Kimberly Cox
Kimberly Cox