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painted snowflake ornament

Painted Snowflake Ornament

The last couple of years, I have been making ornaments, both for my tree and to gift to friends and family. The older I get, the more I cherish handmade items. Today I am showing you how to customize a plain wooden ornament for gifting!

gorm shelf ikea hack part 1

IKEA Hack - Coat Storage / Shoe Shelf

This project was one of those with twists and turns and now that I am finished with my coat rack shoe shelf I realized that this could also be used as kitchen storage or bathroom storage with towels and bath stuff on the shelves. Can you see it? Where would you use it? So, the biggest clutter problem in our house is the large quantity of shoes that get strewn all over our points of entry. I decided to take an Ikea shelf and try to make it into something farmhouse style to hold shoes, mittens, bags, basically anything and everything. Tall order for a simple shelf.

trim a tree and feed the birds with suet ornaments

Trim a Tree and Feed the Birds With Suet Ornaments

Feed the birds and decorate a tree with suet ornaments! These cookie cutter ornaments are a creative and fun way to serve up nutritious treats to your backyard birds and help sustain them through the cold, winter months.

pinecone winter wreath

Pinecone Winter Wreath

Seasonal wreaths are a great way to display some decor both inside and outside your house and also a great handmade holiday gift idea. Unfortunately, they are also pretty expensive if you buy them from the store. The good news? They are super fast and easy to make! This wreath was inspired by some pinecones my mom and I collected while camping over the summer. They were the perfect thing to make this DIY Pinecone Winter Wreath for almost no money at all. Read on to see how I did it!

refurbish wood furniture without sanding or stripping

Refurbish Wood Furniture Without Sanding or Stripping

Today I am sharing an easy method to refurbish wood furniture without sanding or stripping the old finish. The dresser I am working on is from the early 1900's and is in very rough shape.

ho ho ho holiday hula hoop

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Hula Hoop

My fireplace was just begging for a holiday makeover and who was I to say no. A ready made wreath large enough to not look dwarfed on my stone wall was either too expensive or just not my style, and that’s when I remembered my daughter's abandoned Hula Hoop and the fun began with this Holiday Hula Hoop! Here are the supplies needed:

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How do I safely raise the height of a Christmas tree?

I have a unique new artificial red Christmas tree that is 6ft tall. I would like a suggestion on how to safely raise the height of the tree prior to decorating.

q how do i safely raise the height of a christmas tree

How can I use two bathroom vanity lights without backs?

How can I use two bathroom vanity lights, if the backing that hooks to the wall and holds the wires is missing?

q bathroom vanity lights but no backs

How to remove magic sponge marks on flat paint walls?

I recently moved into a rental, and there were some marks/dirt on this particular wall. Just by habit, I wiped the spots lately with a magic sponge, as I’ve always had luck with on painted surfaces. However, this while is painted with perhaps the most flat paint I have ever encountered. It’s almost chalky. As I hope you can see in the photo, I have tried to fix it using the simplest method is in order not to create more damage. What I have tried so far is just using a damp cloth to wipe. And then a dry lintless cloth to lightly buff. I attempted to feather out the areas, and now I have an even bigger eyesore. Any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated!

q how to remove magic sponge marks on flat paint walls

What color should I paint my kitchen walls?

I want to paint my kitchen walls but I am having trouble deciding what color I wanted something in pumpkin but afraid it would make it too dark since I have stain cabinets and I have beaded wood stain also half of wall and ceiling

q kitchen walls

How do I fix the counter in my bathroom?

Ican't afford to replace this. I need ideas for fixing this part. It's a counter in my bathroom.

q how do i fix this

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

How can I decorate a nursing home?

I need lots of one-person, minimal material projects for people in nursing homes, rehab centers, and hospital rooms where they are alone, bored but not able to participate in group crafttimes. My physical therapy was always during craft time. This photo shows what I came up with in my room, other than coloring. I had two tp rolls, one McD’s coffee cup, two markers, one roll of clear tape, about 40 thick cotton balls, a medicine cup, a few sheets of toilet paper,and a few inches of ribbon from the activities director. What are more projects I can do? Thank you!

q what are ideas for nursing home decorations

How can I stop paint from peeling on a wall?

I have some paint peeling in my kitchen can i stop it from peeling as i cant afford to paint

q how can i stop paint from peeling on wall

How do I care for my orchid?

Are these the roots of the orchid plant? Should they be in water? Here is what it looks like. Thanks

q are these the roots of the orchid plant should they be in water

Where can I buy the parts to make this light fixture?

a light similar to this? I saw it online in actress Camryn Manheim's home and I LOVE it and want something similar. What kind of bulbs are in these fixtures and are they dimmable?

q where can i buy parts like these so i can have someone make

How do I refurbish my old clock?

I wish to refurbish my old clock. Shoud I do or not? Thanks

q refurbish my old clock

Watch video tutorials

The Best And Easiest Way To Use Dixie Belle Gator Hide On Dark Paint

This guide will show you how to get a streak free and flawless finish with Dixie Belle's Gator Hide. No more streaks! Get a beautiful finish the easy way!

Poolside Flagstone Patio

This poolside flagstone gas insert with manual key valve (180K BTU burner). Running of natural gas line to fire pit, was completed by a certified gas technician. All disturbed lawn areas were graded and seeded after construction. Front and back yard landscaping was renovated with transplanting of some existing and installation of all new plantings. All landscaped bed areas were Edge and mulched except for pool area which was river stone.

Give Old Christmas Stockings New Life With Faux Fur

Every year I end up buying something new to decorate for Christmas. New things come out & I get pulled in just like everyone else.This year the 1 thing I really wanted to change was our Christmas Stockings. Should I buy new or keep using what we have? I decided to keep it sustainable & give our old stockings new life with faux fur.This project was free since I already had everything on hand. But even with buying a yard of faux fur at regular price, it would have come in at about $15 with fur leftover for something else. I did 3 stockings & didn't even use half the remnant so that works out to about $2.50 per stocking!!Excellent since this style retails for upwards of $30 each!

Easy Wooden DIY Ornament Display Tree

Have you gotten in the Christmas spirit yet? We have an awesome tutorial for you today: ornament display trees!! This is such a fast and easy project. Before you know it, you'll be displaying your build and wowing the crowds.