vintage jewelry box update

Vintage Jewelry Box Update

I have always loved small jewelry boxes that look like miniature furniture. Inspired by items on Pinterest, I decided to update an old jewelry box that I had from when I was first married 30 years ago.

st patrick s day decor with recycled bottles, home decor, seasonal holiday decor, valentines day ideas

St. Patrick's Day Decor With Recycled Bottles

Recycle those pretty, green bottles into fun St. Patrick's Day decor! I decorate my home every St. Patrick's Day in honor of the memory of my beloved mother-in-law, who was 100% Irish.

holiday tray made with a cutting edge stencil and gold leaf paint

Holiday Tray Made With A Frame Stencil and Gold Leaf Paint!

The Hometalk Team presented the opportunity to use a Cutting Edge Stencil in a holiday-themed project. I had never worked with a stencil before, and thought it would be fun to try a new technique. I wanted to create something useful and beautiful with the intricate stencil. In this tutorial, I will share what I learned with you - fellow DIY folks!

make a quick easy fall sign , crafts, flowers, seasonal holiday decor

Make a Quick & Easy Fall Sign!

You can make a seasonal sign in a few simple steps!

how to build a decorative frame house, crafts, home decor, how to, seasonal holiday decor

Build A Decorative House With Frames!

Inspired by a decorative piece in a magazine - I designed my own frame house with picture frames! This piece can be used to display a small plant or seasonal decor as desired. Let's start with fall!

buffet makeover from sad to glorious , home decor, painted furniture

Buffet Makeover: From Sad to Glorious!

Don't overlook that old, worn piece of furniture! It is just a diamond in the rough, waiting for you to polish it and give it new life. This buffet is the perfect example!

ruler boxes how to update a box using rulers, crafts, how to, painting, storage ideas

Ruler Boxes - How to Update a Box Using Rulers

I was inspired by a box I'd seen in HomeGoods and decided to enhance plain wood boxes with rulers. After doing a bit of research online, I found an interesting post that mentioned a source for unfinished wood rulers.

making framed art with handmade doilies hometalk challenge, crafts, how to, wall decor

Making Framed Art With Handmade Doilies - Hometalk Challenge

My Noni (Grandmother) came from Sicily in 1900. She made many lace doilies of all shapes and sizes throughout her life. I have inherited dozens of them and wanted to showcase her handiwork with a modern twist.

how to make a shim box with a lid all four sides covered, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Handy Boxes for Every Room! How to Make a Decorative Box With Shims

Love the Hometalk community! Martha Ramos posted "Easy DIY Boxes" and I was inspired to make them for my home last year! I needed boxes with lids that were covered on all four sides.

repurposed outdoor lantern, crafts, gardening, go green, how to, lighting, repurposing upcycling

Repurposed Outdoor Lantern

This outdoor lantern was made using a few pieces I had on hand: an urn from an old Christmas tree, an orb from a bird feeder and a solar powered globe light. I liked the shape of each piece, and wanted to re-purpose them in some way to make something functional. (Note: If you do not have an urn, you may use another planter you have on hand, or purchase an inexpensive one to use, instead)

Anita K
Anita K
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