not happy with chalky furniture paint, painted furniture

Not Happy With Chalky Furniture Paint

This is just my opinion, and I am not saying this against any product, it just isn't for me.

making my own beach front, landscape, outdoor living, BEFORE and suring

Making my own beach front!!

I need to pick up more shells this week (ACE Hardware in Titusville is selling them) but excited to...

bird of pardise info, gardening

Bird of Pardise Info?

I have 5 new birds of paradise growing on the side of my yard. I was looking at it and other than...

up dating an old plain metal shed, outdoor living, painting, to be continued

Up-dating an old plain metal shed!

Never under estimate what some paint can do...

my own boardwalk, flooring, Arkansas Pine stained


Finally decided what to do and started replacing my crumbling pressed board floors. Started with the...

diy art, crafts, background


I will be doing a tropical mural in my bed room...and found out a Craft Fair is coming up so I...

czech it out, painted furniture, my Bo Ho china cabinet

Czech It Out!

My original intent was to use chalky paint for an aged china cabinet look but that didn't work out...

my beach front is done, landscape, outdoor living, welcome to the beach

My Beach Front is done!

I still have a few things to do but I'm done, due to our weather.
UP-DATE: I am very excited that

busy getting ready for a craft fair, crafts

Busy getting ready for a craft fair...

I have so many things to do outside and now inside but I have been playing with the Big Girl Tools...

do you know what these plants are

Do you know what these plants are?

They grew within the month?? How's that possible? They face south, can I move to the north side?

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