s 6 unexpected bathroom makeover ideas

6 Unexpected Bathroom Makeover Ideas

See how a few creative touches can turn a bathroom into a sanctuary.

show us your halloween yard

Show Us Your Halloween Yard!

The spookiest night of the year is almost upon us! 😱 But before the bats swoop in and the ghosts scare us out of our yards, we want to see what's brewing in your Halloween home.Share a picture of your yard in the comments below! Scariest house will win a special Hometalk prize.Ready, set, SPOOK! 👻

s 10 furniture makeovers we re so glad weren t painted

10 Furniture Makeovers We're SO Glad Weren't Painted

If you're anti-painted furniture, you're going to loooove these...

s 10 of our favorite ways to paint that old piece

11 of Our Favorite Pieces of Painted Furniture

If you love painted furniture, you're going to LO-O-OVE these showstopping beauty queens!

hang crates on your wall for easy storage

Hang Crates on Your Wall for Easy Storage

Our baby girl's room is (slooowly) coming along, but there never seems to be enough storage space for all of her toys, clothes, diapers, wipes, headbands, tiny shoes, socks, outfits... You get the picture!

turn a dusty cable spool into a trendy coffee table

Turn a Dusty Cable Spool Into a Trendy Coffee Table

I've had this cable spool on my patio for 2 years. Literally. I spotted it on the roadside and knew that one day it would be something great! So, even though we have a small apartment and a coffee table that I DIYed and loved, I snagged it and huffed-and-puffed my way home with it.Cut to now, we have a new little lady toddling around the apartment, and a 4-cornered coffee table is like a big, blinking "BUMP YOUR HEAD HERE" sign, so it was time to say goodbye to my first love and bring in the new beu.Bonus: I already had the stain, so my only cost for this project was the chalk paint, which I now have for another project!

birthday balloon surprise, crafts, diy

Birthday Balloon Surprise

I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday. We're more shared-experience and sentimental people than gift people, so I wanted an idea that would be fun and meaningful. I saw this idea in a couple places on pinterest and decided to give it a try!

this is the easiest headboard diy no joke

This Is The Easiest Headboard DIY (No Joke!)

Even though I'm truly an amateur DIYer in practice, my brain is always teeming with fun DIY ways to dress up my small city apartment. Skip to last week when I was a week overdue and heavy into nesting, and you can imagine that my DIY inclinations were in full overdrive!

home decor renter solutions, home decor, via uptodateinteriors com

Renter Decor Solutions

I love seeing all of the brilliant design ideas on this site and other home and garden sites. They make me think that any time I see potential, I can turn it into something incredible! Which is great....but also a terrible tease. See, I'm a renter and as such, very limited in my home design and decor. I can't change my floors or paint my walls or rip off the doors of my kitchen cabinets, no matter how cute open painted cabinets look (or how much my kitchen could REALLY use some "cute").
I thought there might be others like me out there - who crave design with fierce determination - and I thought, why not collect some renter design from Hometalk and the internet world. So here are some great renter design ideas to give you some hope, keep you dreaming, and maybe allow you to participate (just a bit) in this glorious world of design, decor, and DIY.

how to make a glass and gold marker home sign, crafts, home decor, how to

Glass and Gold "HOME" Sign

I adopted some tall beer glasses from my sister when she moved and I was trying to think of a fun way to use them in my living room decor. I decided that, using my sharpie paint pen, I would create a fun and versatile welcome sign. With four glasses I had 4-letter words on the mind, and I decided to go with HOME.

Tikva Morrow
Tikva Morrow
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