ugly basement turned beautiful home office

Ugly Basement Turned Beautiful Home Office!

We wanted to finish our basement, but with really low ceilings it proved to be a challenge. Some areas of the ceiling were no higher than 6'10", so there was no way we could put in a drop ceiling. To solve this issue, we spray-painted the ceilings with Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue paint (flat finish).It took us a few months to complete the project, but we are so pleased with how it turned out! We basically added 1200 sq ft of usable area to our home.One area became my husband's home office and the other (larger) room became a playroom/ man-cave area.

how to restore a weathered back deck to like new condition

How to Restore a Weathered Back Deck to LIKE NEW Condition!

Our back deck had seen better days. The boards were so weathered and cracked that the kids could not walk around barefoot without getting splinters. There was mold and mildew growing all over it and it was in dire need of a good facelift.

quick and easy diy vintage flag artwork

Quick and Easy DIY Vintage Flag Artwork

I made this vintage flag artwork to hang in my dining room this 4th of July. It was a super simple DIY project to make using two types of ribbon and a handkerchief, thumbtacked onto an old set of crib springs. I bought these crib springs at an antique shop a few years ago without any plan on how to use them, but finally the opportunity presented itself in this project.

the simple cure for drafty windows

The Simple Cure for Drafty Windows!

We finished our attic space as my home office, and the window above my desk faces due west. Since I live in Alabama, the summertime heat from this window was becoming unbearable. It was HOT in this room even though we took extra precautions and added foam insulation. We installed anIndow window insert and immediately the temps started dropping. The shade-grade window insert filters out 90% of the UV-light and made SUCH a huge difference in my heat gain up in this attic space. It's like a pair of sunglasses for my window. The standard inserts block out heat and cold drafts. They also make privacy inserts and acoustical window inserts to block noise. I am blown away by how much this shade-grade window insert helps with the temperature at my desk. The average cost of the window insert is $24 per square foot for the standard grade. Check out the before and after of my office space with this window insert...

garage door replacement from janky to swanky

Garage Door Replacement- From Janky to SWANKY

Our behemoth garage door was on it's last legs until we made it MUCH more functional. Come see how we took our garage door from janky to SWANKY!

transforming an unused attic into an amazing office space

Transforming an Unused Attic Into an Amazing Office Space

In December we hired a builder to finish out our unused attic space over the garage into an office for me and a playroom for the kids, complete with an amazing reading nook and a laundry chute. It was a pretty big job, so there was no way we could DIY this ourselves. We hired Heath Pender of HP Building and Remodeling in Birmingham, AL to do the attic renovation for us. This project turned out way better than I could have ever hoped. It's the perfect home office space now!

a very vintage advent calendar

A Very Vintage Advent Calendar

Today I’m teaming up with The Home Depot to show you how you can make a pretty ornament display at their upcoming DIH Workshop this week!
If you haven’t heard, Home Depot offers do-it-HERself (DIH) workshops for women of all experience levels to come in and create cool projects for their homes. This one was super simple and turned out awesome!

enclosing the back porch with raised garden beds, curb appeal, decks, gardening, raised garden beds, woodworking projects

Enclosing the Back Porch With Raised Garden Beds

My back yard got a major makeover with the addition of raised garden beds to enclose my back porch. The porch was pretty plain before, without much curb appeal. I decided that I wanted some raised beds to grow herbs and veggies without having to bend over to harvest my crops. I worked with a local landscape company- Doc and Eric Hurt of Landscape 360 out of Birmingham Alabama- to come and build these raised beds for me out of 100% cedar. You can see pics of the process below.

before after renovating a 100 year old southern charm fixer upper, bathroom ideas, bedroom ideas, home improvement, kitchen design

Before & After: Renovating a 100+ Year Old Southern Charm Fixer Upper

When Canadian Esther de Wolde decided to checkmark her dream of renovating an old southern home off her bucket list, I bet she had no clue how harrowing her journey would be. But with the stress of the remodel came the joy of discovering a love of the Deep South, it's people and their stories. Follow along on the journey of Esther's renovation of this turn-of-the-century beauty that had fallen into a state of dilapidation. Esther brought it out of it's moldy misery and transformed it into a regal beauty that is better than ever.
Prepare to be amazed at these before and afters!

summer mantel decor with repurposed junk, fireplaces mantels, patriotic decor ideas, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday d cor, Summertime mantel decor

Summer Mantel Decor With Repurposed Junk

When I scored an antique cast iron gas heater from a local junk store, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! Turn it into a planter on my fireplace hearth! Here is my summer mantel decorating ideas, including lots of repurposed junk that I've found a thrift shops or DIY'ed myself. I'm bringing the outdoors in with the zinc garden finial and the two galvanized pots on the mantel. The galvanized coal bin filled with elephant ears from my garden and more fresh flowers on the mantel. The multicolored pallet from scrap pieces of wood and the door threshold that was reclaimed from my grandparents home. My friend who owns an etsy shop made the burlap flag for me as a hostess gift.
I always try to think outside the box when looking around thrift stores. Finding great deals on things that most people consider rusty old junk, then staging it to look beautiful in my home is one of my most favorite things to do.

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