how i made a command center for my puppy s important things

How I Made a Command Center for My Puppy's Important Things

I recently had the pleasure of becoming a grand-mama to a sweet puppy. Words cannot express the joy he brings to our home. And as I've discovered, along with the joy, there is all sorts of other stuff that comes along too.In fact, sometimes I feel like we have a toddler living in the house. So much stuff everywhere and you can never find what you are looking for - especially during those crucial moments when you have to run outside the house because your puppy has to do his business.

how i made mobile art using wire hangers from the cleaners

How I Made Mobile Art Using Wire Hangers From the Cleaners

Sometimes it's fun to create your own art. I got the idea for this project because I had to pick up my son's dry cleaning and that is when it hit me. Why not re-purpose those hangers (and I know we all have lots of them).

how i revitalized a dark shelf with mod podge

How I Revitalized a Dark Shelf With Mod Podge

What do you do when you move into a house and find this black shelf in your bedroom but it doesn't fit your style at all? It is situated above my desk and it looked like it was about to topple over and crash on my head because of that dark color. I tried to live with this black shelf for months! Really I did! But as I was redoing the rest of the room I realized that I wanted to keep the black accents to a minimum and not have this color dominate.

how i up cycled lattice for a colorful fence with added privacy

How I Up-cycled Lattice for a Colorful Fence With Added Privacy

I had "inherited" this worn lattice fence when my tenant moved out. It was in bad shape and full of wasp nests but I didn't want to throw it out without giving it a shot at a makeover.

how i gave a new purpose to my vintage copper pots

How I Gave a New Purpose to My Vintage Copper Pots

I have a basement that is full of hidden, and sometimes unwanted treasures. My mission for the past few years has been trying to reduce the clutter in that basement. And you know that saying about one man's trash is another's treasure. Well, case in point the two copper pots you see below. They were vintage so I couldn't see getting rid of them. At the same time, I wanted them to have a purpose and not just take up space on my shelves. After all shelf space is limited in my house.

a free wreath made with packing paper

A Free Wreath Made With Packing Paper

I get a lot of packing paper in the mail, you know the stuff that comes in the boxes from Amazon and such? And when I say a lot I mean a lot. Being a frugal minded person I couldn't bare to part with all of it so I saved it up for a special occasion. And then one day I saw a wreath that was practically free! I knew I had to make this wreath!!

trying something different for a table top

Trying Something Different for a Table Top

I had found this little side table in a warehouse and took it home for some TLC. It was pretty damaged so I painted it white using acrylic paint. But I was not really happy with it. It was very bland and it also had a few problems on the top. So I thought I would throw caution to the wind and try something different.

how to give a new life to an old laminate table

How to Give a New Life to an Old Laminate Table

I had this table in my home for many years but it was quietly falling apart. First of all the top was laminate and full of scratches. And the color was not making me feel happy at all.

a very simple solution for a makeshift closet

A Very Simple Solution for a Makeshift Closet

I was getting my house in order and needed a place to store our clothing but the room didn't have any closets. All I had was an ugly clothing rack I had gotten from a store which went out of business. But it really did not hide the clothes.Did I go out there and spend a small fortune on a wardrobe? Did I buy one of those closet units? No! I came up with a very simple solution to hiding my clothes. A makeshift closet!

easily decoupage bottles with napkins and learn from my mistakes

Easily Decoupage Bottles With Napkins and Learn From My Mistakes

Decoupaging can be so much fun and the look so individualized... that is if you know what you're doing. When I started this project I thought it would be a half an hour job - I mean I had done projects before with mod podge. It just goes to show you how much I know! I am telling you all this so you can avoid making the same mistakes I made.

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