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Organized Garage and Workshop

Our garage is my retreat. It's where I go to build and create with wood. But, it is a small space and I had to build custom storage to squeeze in storage wherever possible. I also hung Habitat ReStore cabinets for sawdust protected storage over the workbench.

10 non toxic dust mite remedies for the home, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs, how to

10 Non-Toxic Dust Mite Remedies for the Home

As a lifelong dust mite allergy sufferer, I’ve spent more than my share of times being congested and even suffered asthma attacks from a robust dust mite population. Over the years I’ve learned several non-toxic ways to remedy a burgeoning dust mite population.
Controlling dust might seem like the obvious solution to dust mites, but actually there are several specific things you need to do to control the actual mites.
You can never completely eliminate a dust mite population, but you can reduce the population to ease the suffering of those that are allergic to dust mites. You also don’t need to resort to chemicals or drastic measures. You can actually wage war against dust mites with some very simple tricks and tools.

how to clean inside your oven door, appliances, cleaning tips

How to Clean INSIDE Your Oven Door

Okay, it’s a New Year and many of us are cleaning up after the holidays and the baking frenzy. Do you have some random drips that somehow made their way inside your oven door?
That impossible to reach location sandwiched between the glass. How does that happen?! Well, I’m going to show you how to access inside your oven door and clean that sneaky drip.
Read full tutorial by clicking the link below -

diy glass shelves in front of kitchen window, shelving ideas, See through glass window shelves allow light in and give you a spot to set your plants

DIY Glass Shelves in Front of Kitchen Window

Adding glass shelves between two sets of cabinets in front of the kitchen window is an ideal location for some plants. A little quarter round moulding, finish nails and pre-cut tempered glass is all you'll need!

dumpster table gets a stencil and chalk paint makeover, chalk paint, painted furniture, Final table

Dumpster Table Gets a Stencil and Chalk Paint Makeover

Would you believe that a few short weeks ago, this beauty was sprawled in pieces by a dumpster? All the pieces (including the leg bolts) were neatly in a plastic baggy and secured to the table. This is one of the best pieces of furniture I’ve ever found in the trash (well next to it to be exact.) I didn’t have to do any structural repairs, just reattached the legs. Then I painted it with chalk paint and stenciled the top using Royal Design Studio's Lisboa stencil

fix a leaky faucet in 10 minutes, bathroom ideas, home maintenance repairs, how to, plumbing

Fix a Leaky Faucet in 10 Minutes!

Drip, drip, drip! Is that leaky faucet keeping you up at night?

galvanized tub storage bench, diy, how to, repurposing upcycling

Galvanized Tub Storage Bench

This is a unique storage solution using a galvanized tub and a furry upholstered lid. It’s the perfect place to store and corral all that kid clutter in your child’s bedroom. The storage tub doubles as a bench and a step stool. Don’t be deterred if you don’t have children, the storage bench could be used for magazine storage and much more!
Click link below for the full tutorial:

how to faux finish weathered wood grain budgetupgrade, painted furniture, woodworking projects

How to Faux Finish Weathered Wood Grain #BudgetUpgrade

Do you love the Restoration Hardware tables that have that beautiful gray (driftwood-like) weathered wood? Me too. But, I can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on their furniture. Instead, I found a Craig’s List pedestal table that had the right shape and size for our kitchen. It was a cherry veneer finish, but after some paint you’d never know!

upcycled plant cart saved from above the rim, gardening, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Plant Cart Saved From "Above The Rim"

This past summer I spied a metal cart in a dumpster. To be frank, I have never truly actually participated in dumpster diving. The thought of actually climbing inside a dumpster has never been on my acceptable things to do list. But, this metal bar cart was floating on top of the trash pile. It was (to quote a Seinfeld episode) above the rim! And it was begging to be upcycled into a beautiful plant cart.

easy clean up paint tray liner, cleaning tips, painting

Easy Clean Up Paint Tray Liner

Part of my Paint Like a Pro series includes lining your paint tray to make for easy clean up after painting.

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