scrap wood never looked so pretty

Scrap Wood Never Looked so Pretty

I have been looking for a large scale art to put up on a wall in my office space. I wanted it to not just look pretty but also have a significance. Like most things, inspiration struck me when I least expected it!

making a custom cork board

Making a Custom Cork Board

I have been trying to get my office space organized and needed a cork board. But I couldn't find the size I wanted. So I made a custom sized cork board and also gave it nice colorful patterns to match my office decor. I started out with a plywood cut to the size I wanted

a quick wood valence that is easy to install

A Quick Wood Valance That is Easy to Install

When I updated my kids' bathroom in our rental home, there were not very many things that I could change. Everything had to be temporary and easy to remove. Plus I didn't want to deal with having to patch up holes etc...

a metal sign for my workshop

A Metal Sign for My Workshop

I am drawn to all the industrial decor right now. I love the use and combination of metal and wood together! I have been wanting to try my hands on a metal sheet project and I finally decided to start with something simple. We just moved into our new house and I am excited to create a nice workshop for my projects. This was the perfect project to get that process started!

canvas wall art idea for the bedroom

Canvas Wall Art Idea for the Bedroom

If you have a blank all in your bedroom, you can easily add a pretty canvas art using this easy technique. You don't even need to be an artist! Just use your favorite printable watercolor graphic and turn it into a gorgeous piece of art! No one will know you didn't paint it! This tutorial uses dinosaurs for a kids room, but you can use it to make any art - flowers, shapes.... the possibilities are endless!

make an easy copper and concrete wreath

Make an Easy Copper and Concrete Wreath

The two hottest modern trends right now are copper and concrete. Interestingly, they also make a really great combination! I love how they look together! They are the perfect industrial decor in a very chic way! Check out this easy 10 minute DIY project to add a cool modern wreath to your front door or on any wall!

turn an old tv table into a fun place for legos

Turn an Old TV Table Into a Fun Place for Legos

Its fun to find old furniture on the curb and give it a whole new life! I found this TV table in a pile of stuff my friend was getting rid off and had to have it.

give old drawers a new glamorous purpose

Give Old Drawers a New Glamorous Purpose

I found a huge daybed with storage on the curb. Unfortunately it was way too huge and heavy to bring home, so I took out all the drawers and brought them home. After sitting in my garage for over a year, they have finally found their purpose!

easy organizer with mason jars and scrap wood

Easy Organizer With Mason Jars and Scrap Wood

We can never have enough organizers! Especially something that uses mason jars! I came up with a fun mason jar idea that not only uses mason jars but also scrap wood! And the best part - it can be made to hole as many jars as you like and used in so many ways to organize so many things!

make an easy pencil holder with rulers

Make an Easy Pencil Holder With Rulers

Seriously! It is back to school time already! The kids will be going to back to school next week. I can't believe summer went by so fast! With back to school time, we also need to come up with gifts for teachers. I always have lots of scrap wood. So we decided to make a few pencil holders.

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