yard art recycling, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Yard art recycling

Yard Art, Recycling

Keeping junk out of the landfill. So I have finally run out of clay pots and have moved on to the...

uses for pottery, gardening, Forgot to add the rest of the family

uses for pottery

Leftover pots and grandaughters old bike become a place to keep garden supplies. Not as fancy as the...

rustic bathroom decorating, bathroom ideas, home decor, small bathroom ideas

Rustic bathroom decorating, DIY decorating.

I have a very small bathroom off the kitchen which gets a lot of traffic from guests and visitors. ...

faux water feature garden decorating, gardening, close up

Faux water feature, garden decorating

Thanks to a few suggestions from your viewers I decided to add a water feature to my rustic garden...

Deb B
Deb B