How do I change my white appliances?

I met with a realtor and was told I need to get rid of all my white appliances because white is out, is that true ?

How do I clean Corian?

Is there anything that will take out scratches and help clean Corian

How do you replace some floor planks ?

How do you replace some damaged wood flooring planks ?

How to clean a roof?

I have seen some services online that can clean your shingles. Has anyone every done this ?

How do I get rid of mildew on outdoor furniture?

How to get mildew off outdoor furniture (cloth)

Painting cabinets product?

I saw a product that home depot had that is a three part process of painting cabinets....anyone heard about it

Paint color for kitchen cabinets?

I saw on faecbook, that zillo says white kitchen cabinets are out , natural wood is in ? Would like to know what to do with mind...had the wood look from 2004