frame your keys

Frame Your KEYS!

I save all my old keys and I've collected some along the way. I have found a way to cherish them every day...stirring memories of my first home, where both of my children were born. It's interesting to imagine which locks each key opened and all the emotions that would come flooding out once sprung. You'll find this a simple afternoon project...that will last a lifetime!

move over tin man here comes candy glass scarecrow or plastic

Move Over Tin Man Here Comes Candy "Glass" Scarecrow...or Plastic!

Do you save your glass (and plastic) sauce or peanuts jars? If so, where/how/what do you store them in/at? I have SO many! LOL I stumbled on this project by pure luck because I really don't like waste! These jars are perfect to store candy that may get hard or stale if left out too long.

recycle flower vases in 3 steps with fun festive floral arrangements, My foxy flowers

Recycle Flower Vases in 3 Steps With Fun Festive Floral Arrangements!

Dust off your old flower vases fat, skinny, tinted, round, square...basically whatever you've got in your cupboard...and quickly arrange a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers in 3 steps!

repurpose your old sweaters into fall harvest decorations, Finished 2 Pumpkins Med Sml

Repurpose Your Old Sweaters Into Fall Harvest Decorations!

I love "window" shopping phone is full of screen shots like this in an album of "Ideas" for future projects. I get inspiration everywhere I go. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall and adore harvest decor...better yet if I can make it myself! I enjoy giving gifts to our awesome teachers too!

repurpose your recycled cans into a rustic flower vase

Repurpose Your Recycled Cans Into a Rustic Flower Vase

This one is free and simple! Just gather a couple cans, your materials and some dollar store flowers.

using vaseline oil vs sanding 70 s mirror upgrade, This is with a coat of grey wax

Using Vaseline Oil Vs Sanding - 70's Mirror Upgrade

I found this cool old 70's mirror at a second hand store and looked forward to breathing some life back into it. Maybe bringing it into the next century with some TLC. Easily done with some paint and Vaseline. Yup! I love this trick.

boring wardrobe mirror makeover with a soda can tacks fence wood, I love the way it looks now

Boring Wardrobe Mirror Makeover With a Soda Can, Tacks & Fence Wood?!

I think everyone I know has one of these plain wardrobe mirrors in their home. I've seen lots of cute mirror makeover's on Hometalk and thought I'd spruce up mine. Anything would look better than how it does now!

how you can make 1 topiary balls in about 5 minutes, My 1 version of a topiary ball

How You Can Make $1 Topiary Balls in About 5 Minutes

I am a lover of "something" green or a pop of color among my neutral home. Even if you have an Industrial or Farmhouse look, a cute topiary is so versatile. It also never goes out of style, which is why they can be slightly expensive.Well not any longer, you'll be doing this project for sure!!

how i became a replica artist and you can too part 1, MY BLESSED FARMHOUSE SIGNS

How I Became a "Replica Artist" and You Can Too! Part 1

How many times have you seen something and immediately said "I can make that!"...and most of the time it's followed by "for FREE/A LOT less!". Time is as valuable as money though, if not more, right? Many choose to buy, but not us!Actually, most of what I see on hometalk is a version of an inspiration someone has had; Nice way to say "copy" aka replicas Right? LOL Even if you have the money, Why not save it for those "must have" survival items Ha ha!Here are just a few items I have recently replicated after seeing for them sale:Part 1: Personalized clothing , crafts and/or office organization storage boxes, along with both Farmhouse & Blessed signs.Part 2/3: To come : Arrow sign, Flower & Garden bucket, Amazing Grace Frame, & Fall flower vases.This is not really a "how to" but more or less a "why not?" I enjoy passing on ideas as much as I love receiving them!

oh sheet recycled bedding transforms an old bookcase nbsp

Oh Sheet!! Recycled Bedding TRANSFORMS an Old Bookcase.

We recently replaced a twin with a queen mattress; which means overstock of sheets. I hold onto everything for possible projects...some call me a pack rat others thrifty, frugal or down right CHEAP! All of the above would be true, yet I like to think of myself as someone who sees value in everything!

About meI guess I've been a DIY'er for most of my life...I can't recall ever wanting to throw stuff out because I usually find ways to use things in the most odd places. I've made window boxes with the wood from an old bed frame & my husbands battered tshirts (and a few other items including old pillow stuffing).
I usually have a project going while I'm thinking of 10 more!! Amirite?! All on a budget since I've been disabled since age of 35 with an auto-immune disease. I find myself to be so fortunate to have been able to raise my own 2 kids with a loving husband.
My husband says there is not a blank wall in our home, yet he's always happy to help cut wood there or install something here.
Hmm what shall I do next?!
I love Hometalk for all the ideas!!!
I need to post more of mine here in the future. Bye!