Pallet couch question

I have an outdoor pallet couch that I stained 2 years ago but this past year when I went to take it apart put it in the shed for the winter it seems as though bugs... See more
q pallet couch

Help- what can I do with these?

I have several blue bottles big and small and I'd like to do something cute in my yard maybe even with solar lights any suggestions
q help

How to light up the bar?

The restaurant I work at has arches with mirrors above the bottles with no access to electricity any ideas on how to light it up
q how to light up the bar

How can I Mosiac glass?

The open areas on top have a clear glass like to mosaic the class with ceramic tile chips...any pointers as to how to do that?
q mosiac glass

Help- how can I make my fence look nicer?

I have a retractable fence that I keep up 90% of the time to help my dog sitter feel comfortable letting the dogs out and I don't like the way it looks with the... See more
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Bath tub - needs a redo!

How can i redo/paint a bathtub thats old...esp when I can afford a new one?

How to make slipcovers for couch with chaise

I have a couch with a recliner on one end & a chaise on the other. My pup has chewed a hole in two parts of the couch, and for now I just want to slipcover it until... See more

What is the best paint for painting kitchen cabinets?

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets? Chalk? Latex?

Redo chairs on a budget

I need a redo on these chairs...cant afford to get new ones....
q redo chairs, painted furniture, painting wood furniture

Painting a bathtub

I have an old bathtub that is discolored and very porous and its an eyesore. I cant afford a new tub so I was wondering if anyone has painted theirs? Or does anyone... See more

Barb Jett
Barb Jett