Timming an azalea bush?

When is a good time in lower michigan to trim an azalea bush and how?

Can someone please tell me what kind of Shrub?

A friend got this down in Northern Indiana and has it planted in Michigan and it is beautiful. Hope someone can tell me what it is because I would love one. Thank... See more
q can someone please tell me what kind of shrub

How to get rid of moles?

I have tried just about everything. Do any of you know whether the mole bombs work? Thank you Barb

How do I treat my raspberries?

My fall raspberries are being eaten by something. Whatever it is puts a hole in the top and sucks the juice out. I have a picture of a worm but only found one so... See more

How do you clean a greasey stainless grull?

We just purchased a used grill and it is really dirty and greasey on the outside, nut otherwise in great shape.ThanksBarb

Black and white large flies or bees?

They are eating my strawberry leaves, and all my rose bushes. I have put sevin powder on them, bug begone spray and they are still there. Help Thank you Barb

Why do my Grape plants have brown spots? What can I do about it?

I live in Michigan. I planted grapes for the first time. Yesterday I noticed brown spots on the leaves and some insect is eating them. Don't know if it is related.... See more

Why are there brown spots showing up on my grape plants?

I have new grape plants this year and brown spots are showing up on them. I am not sure if it is insects or what it is. There is also some places where something is... See more

How to keep bugs from eating red raspberries

I have tried the blue dawn but it doesn't seem to do the job. I really hate to use insecticides because it's hard to wash them and I like to eat them right off the... See more

What is the best spray to get rid of bugs eating red rasberries?

I have tried blue Dawn and water but that doesn't seem to keep them off, but I hate to put insecticide on them because they are hard to wash off and I like to eat... See more

Barb brown
Barb brown