deer antler wreath for big buck night

Deer Antler Wreath for BIG BUCK Night..

A friend asked me to make an antler wreath for his BIG Buck night giveaway..

mini pumpkin place card take homes

Mini Pumpkin Place Card Take Homes..

Thanksgiving Placecards from mini pumpkins for your holiday guests to take home!

fresh watermelon centerpiece

Fresh Watermelon Centerpiece..

I carved a watermelon out for the centerpiece of a graduation open house.

babyshower diaper wreath

Babyshower Diaper Wreath

a friends baby shower gift, When you make it with your own 2 hands, it's made with love.

carved watermelon salad

Carved Watermelon Salad...

Carve a Watermelon to personalize a Party...

garden hose wreath

EZ PZ Garden Hose Wreath

A simple piece of garden hose, Dollar store add ons & a LOVELY spring wreath is created for my garden shed!

minnie mouse diaper bike

Minnie Mouse Diaper Bike..

Minnie Mouse on her way to the Baby Shower...

2 tier diaper cake

2 Tier Diaper Cake..Easy as Pie

A baby boy Diaper Cake for someones special baby shower! ..

halloween diaper bike

Halloween Diaper Bike

Someones getting the BIGGEST treat for Halloween.. A BABY BOY...I made a diaper bike for their shower...

baby shower baby bassinet

Baby Shower Baby Bassinet...

How to Deliver a baby to a Baby Shower

Mickey Baron
Mickey Baron
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