away in a manger

Away In A Manger

It's Christmas time and I'm decorating. I've had my manger figures for years and used them off and on. This year, there will be no sheep in our pasture out front so I decided to put my manger out where it can be seen by all passing by.

can a witch fly without her hat on

Can A Witch Fly Without Her Hat On?

I hope so, because her hat makes for a great door decoration for Halloween!

fall wreath

Fall Wreath

I decided to make a grape vine wreath to celebrate fall. We have grapes coming up as volunteers all over the property so vines are plentiful.

a wreath i am truly thankful for

A Wreath I Am Truly Thankful For

I broke the glass in my Grandma B's picture frame. My heart sank. It was one using bumped out glass; not sure what that is called. It cracked her picture too when this heavy wrought iron bird bath fell on it. Long story. I calculate the picture and frame to be around 89 years old! It didn't damage the frame and for the last four years I've been thinking about what I could do with the frame.

laundry room organization

Laundry Room Organization

There's always room for organization, but you need time to do it. I finally got my solution for corralling my laundry items.

jazzing up my pendant lamp

Jazzing Up My Pendant Lamp

I was inspired by another Hometalker who changed the look of her kitchen pendants by using Mod Podge and dye.

my owl finally has a perch

My Owl Finally Has a Perch

It's summer and it's hot and I have all these crazy ideas in my head. I saw a FB friend's wreath (which I will share at the end) and it got me thinking about a tin owl that I bought several years ago and never really had a place for it until now.

where do old bikes go when they die to the garden of course

Where Do Old Bikes Go When They Die? To the Garden of Course!

My old bike from the 50's was great fun. It was handed down to me from my sister. I rode many streets of Inglewood back in the day. The bike went from LA to a small town and stayed at my parents where grand kids could ride it. Then I ended up with it and it sat in the junk pile! Then a friend thought he could restore it. Alas, the frame was bent. But he repainted it and surprised me by returning it. There was a moment I can tell you. So I put it out in the play yard as a decoration and there it sat until I was inspired by another DIY'er.

old solar parts get a new life

Old Solar "Parts" Get A New Life

Ever wonder what to do with old solar items that no longer work? I first tried new batteries, but the solar portion was shot. So I was left with plastic cones.

muffin tin and succulents no baking

Muffin Tin and Succulents--No Baking Required

I was looking through the Hometalk project books and saw one using old baking tins. I was toying with the idea of a succulent wreath when this idea just popped into my head.