age of electronics

Age Of Electronics

Keep a paper (hard) copy of all your contacts or any other Notes, Lists, Reminders, etc. Here is why: I woke up this morning, turned on my tablet and my email had vanished along with all my contacts . . . AGAIN . . . I went through this with the cell phone people too - some rookie lost all my contacts and WORK RELATED PHOTOS - (photos at least I had already emailed to work, thank goodness.)After numerous calls between 3 entities all blaming each other for the problem, and the first person that I let "hop on" to fix, lost even more features, and 7 hours and 45 minutes later I was 1/4 inch from tossing my tablet out into the yard like a frisbee . . . 🚀Magically, I somehow fixed myself . . . So much for "tech support"- don't get me wrong, I have lots of friends in IT - not everyone is well trained or even honest and I do not want to lump the bad with the good - they obviously need more training. So do yourself a favor and print out the important stuff every once in a while, better to have a paper copy than nothing at all. Or back up or whatever you do to protect your stuff - no sense in losing a day of your life or more fixing. And people wonder why I have as few gadgets as possible - another day of my life lost for the zillionth time - I have far better things to do with my day . . . Like rescue cats! Time for a cocktail and carry on . . . 🍹

tin can makeover

Tin Can Makeover

Remember making these as pencil holders in Elementary School? Here is what I did with mine! As you can see I have bunch of felt tipped pens as well as a variety of colored pencils. I love to color and do it at night in bed when I can't sleep or on a rainy or windy day when I can't be outside in the yard digging in the dirt, fussing with plants and playing with the pets.

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