pumpkin flower pot

Pumpkin Flower Pot

We don't see much of fall in SW Florida. So I bring the colors in as soon as I see other people putting up fall decor! Because you'd never know by the weather! I love this time of year. I love bright colors. So I thought a pumpkin holding some flowers would be pretty tucked on a bookshelf somewhere.

buffalo check pumpkins

Buffalo Check Pumpkins

I've challenged myself. I've challenged myself to use only what I have to craft for the rest of the year. So I was quite pleased to find a bit of buffalo check fabric in my stash! Enough to make 3, maybe 4 stuffed pumpkins! And they are easier than easy! I made 3 in 30 minutes!

polymer clay cat ring holder

Polymer Clay Cat Ring Holder

Last week I made hundreds of Christmas ornaments! And I didn't take a SINGLE picture! I know.I needed polymer clay for a project, and ordered some, as I usually do. I got impatient and went to Walmart to pick some up. Wouldn't ya know it arrived that day! So I had 2 extra pounds of white clay! That's not a bad thing. Not one to sit idle with so much clay on hand, I made this little guy. I kinda love him. And he's very easy to make!

christmas ornaments in july

Christmas (ornaments!) In July

I make Christmas ornaments year round. I give them as gifts, I make one for each of my grandkids every year, and, of course, I use them on my own tree! Which, by the way, has nothing but handmade ornaments (and lights) on it. Many years of ornaments.Here are 2 quick and easy and, I think, cute, rustic looking ornaments to make. And the supplies are minimal.

dollar tree baby bootie shower favor, Materials used

Dollar Tree Baby Bootie Shower Favor

My sister's daughter-in-law will be having her baby shower. I made her a penguin Diaper cake a few months ago, which you can see a few posts back Today, using only 3 items, I made some (I think) adorable baby bootie candy holder favors. I also used hot glue and Aleene's tacky glue. I made 35 and it cost me $3! And they're pretty simple to make.

simple string wall hanging

Simple String Wall Hanging

I have a spot in my living room that has proven to be hard to decorate. It's not really odd shaped per se, just...odd. I've tried a few different things, but so far, I don't like any of them. So... I did this. I like it and I THINK I like it for this spot!

mini cable spool clock

Mini Cable Spool Clock

My husband brings me things he finds on job sites. Nothing, of course, that isn't left for trash. But he knows my recycle weakness, and he brings me trash. He's a keeper. He recently brought home a half dozen different sized cable spools. The biggest one holds books and a plant in my Florida room. The plant is also on a spool... a mini spool. I really wanted to do something other than use them as plant stands, so ... I did!

tis the season

Tis The Season!

Tis the season! Hurricane season, that is. In less than a month, Hurricane season starts. Being a Floridian, I've lived through and dealt with hurricanes my whole life. Here's how it goes... As a youngster, you don't even have a clue. As a pre-teen, you're excited because you'll probably get a day or two off from school. As a young adult, HURRICANE PARTY! As a parent, you know you have take measures to protect your kids. As an old lady, you freak out. I've only had to evacuate twice in my life. Once as a child, and ... last year. Irma. Hurricane Irma was not kind to us. We were without electricity for almost 3 weeks. We tried to prepare, but by the time we realized how serious it was, everything was gone. Gas, food, batteries, plywood, sterno... all gone. My bad for not taking it seriously to begin with. It was rough I tell ya, rough. Not gonna happen again. I am already stockpiling food and batteries. There is plenty of sterno available right now, but why buy what I can make? I'm going to show you how to make an emergency cooking source. And all you need are 4 items that you probably already have, and/or can get for free. Ready to get ready? Let's go!

essential oils shower bombs, The hard part waiting

Essential Oils Shower Bombs

I love essential oils. I use them in diffusers, I use them to clean. And I use them in the shower.These shower bombs are the bomb! Using only 3 ingredients, and a small amount of hands on time, before you know it, your whole house will smell splendid!

capiz shell and bead ornamental hanging

Capiz Shell and Bead Ornamental Hanging

Many times, when I make something, I like it and enjoy making it so much, that I ...make another! Such is the case with the chimes/wall hangings. If you saw my last post, you know I made one for my daughter to replicate one I made for myself last year. But...what you don't know is that I made a seashell one for my nautical bathroom last weekend! And now, this one!They really are fun and easy (though time-consuming). I knew I wanted to make this one, and ordered the shells I needed. Hubs was a little aggravated since we live in Florida and I have thousands of shells! But not the kind I needed. eBay is a wonderful place!

Cyndi Valerino
Cyndi Valerino
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I love to recycle and upcycle. Almost everything I see, I think, ' well, that's nice, but what ELSE could it be???