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How to Paint Your Backsplash Tile

When we moved into our new house, it was...gross. To say the least. Beyond that, everything was brownish yellow. Brownish yellow tile, brownish yellow walls. I wanted to lighten things up a bit. Being on a tight budget, we knew we couldn't completely redo the backsplash, but I just could. not. handle. that yellow tile any longer. So I looked up some tutorials and tried my hand at painting. A year later and it still looks awesome. Most people are shocked when they hear that I painted the tile because it looks so natural. Head on over to my blog to see how I did it :)

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DIY Plate Hangers for CHEAP

Have you seen all those adorable plate gallery walls on Pinterest and wanted to try it yourself? But who wants to pay for those fancy plate hangers? Or deal with the mess of super glue and safety pins for that matter? Well, I came up with a different option - one that doesn't break your bank OR ruin your plates. Ready to see how?

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Upcycled Shutter Christmas Card Display

Looking for a great way to display your Christmas cards? I was, too. For YEARS. I had tried so many different things. And then I came across this shutter/saloon door (honestly, I had no idea WHAT is was) at an estate sale for $4 and I knew it would be the card display I'd always wanted :)

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Kids' Toy Storage Part 2 - Fabric Storage Cube Tutorial

Sure, fabric bins can be bought pretty much anywhere, but what if you want them to have some personality? Or what if you found some amazing fabric that you really want to use? Well, here's a tutorial on how to create any size storage cube (or rectangle) to fit your space and needs.

how to make stuffed animal toy storage, entertainment rec rooms, organizing, storage ideas

Stuffed Animal Toy Storage - Part 1

Do your kids LOVE stuffed animals? Mine do, too. And we have a Ridiculous. Amount. Of. Them. I mean, we had tried EVERYTHING. The chain with the clips. The net on the wall. The major problem with those was that the toys either stayed there because the kids couldn't reach them, or they stayed on the floor because they couldn't put them back without help. If my kids are going to have a ton of toys, they'd better be able to get to them and clean them up easily. So, I came up with this solution.

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Shower Curtain From a Twin Sheet Tutorial

Get a fancy shower curtain on a dirt cheap budget! All it takes is some basic sewing and stenciling skills and you've got something that is unique and gorgeous at a fraction of what you'd pay at the store.

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