wall art from broken mirror frame and toilet paper rolls

Wall Art From Broken Mirror Frame and Toilet Paper Rolls

Two weeks ago my husband was cleaning our room, knocked into the dresser and our mirror, which at...

diy snowboard wall mount

DIY Snowboard Wall Mount

So a couple weeks ago I turned to the fantastic Hometalk community and asked for some assistance in...

my version of the instagram photo display

My Version of the Instagram Photo Display!

For about a year now I've had this one project on my mind that I really wanted to do. Love &...

diy picture frame key holder

DIY "Picture Frame" Key-holder

For months now since having moved into our apartment, whenever we walk in the door, the keys either...

simple and fun front door name plate, doors

Simple and Fun Front Door Name Plate

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment. In order to make it feel more HOMEy, I really...

tinfoil is a great cleaning helper , appliances, cleaning tips

Tinfoil is a Great Cleaning Helper!

My husband and I recently received a slow cooker as a wedding present - we BOTH love to cook in it!...