Need to paint my front door!

Hi-We recently updated our house and transformed the outside to this pretty blue-gray color. Now I need to paint my front door but I'm having trouble deciding on color (there is a completely screened door in front of it, which is one reason it looks so dark). Initially I wanted to paint it copper. If so, do I also paint the sidelights? I'm not sure how that would look. I also do not know what type of paint to use (it is a metal door). Any input would be appreciated!
q need to paint my front door

Wooden tray handles

I found this handmade tray at Goodwill and thought I could use it to practice making a mosaic bottom. The handles are awfully large and heavy-looking, though. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can make them look a bit nicer and not so overwhelming?
q wooden tray handles

How can I lighten these beams? The room is small and looks so dark.

Can I use chalk paint? If so, what color do I paint the ceiling? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
q how can i lighten these beams the room is small and looks so dark

Ideas for this cabinet?

I really love it but it looks like it needs legs or some sort of base (?).
q ideas for this cabinet