diy remix koi fish 5 bucket stool, concrete masonry, diy, how to, outdoor furniture

DIY Remix: Koi Fish $5 Bucket Stool

Recently I tried embossing concrete using cardboard (you can find that DIY experiment post in my...

diy experiment embossing concrete challenge, concrete masonry, crafts, diy, how to

DIY Experiment: Embossing Concrete Challenge

I had this idea for inlaying a concrete stool with different colored concrete to create a design....

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21 Insanely Cool DIY Lego Furniture And Home Decor Creations

There is so much creativity in these LEGO home creations. And they bring a lot of color into the...

drill and plywood diy art board, wall decor, woodworking projects

Drill and Plywood DIY Art Board

I was curious to see what would happen if you took a printout and drilled holes through it on some...