How do I paint cinder blocks?

Should cinder blocks be sealed before painting? What would you seal them with after painting?

Hard wood cuttings

How do I take a hard wood cutting of a woody plant?

How to use unicorn spit?

I have some bottles on my bottle tree that have faded. I'm wanting to use unicorn spit to add color. Just not sure how to go about it. Thanks

Seal path gravel

I have a long path with small crushed gravel. I was told the small,sharp gravel would mesh together. I have constant dust and small gravel in my house. Any way to... See more

Bathroom mold removal.need to install a fan. dont know how to fix.

Bathroom ceiling covered in mold. No window. Fan doesn't work well. Other bathroom has some more,but no fan at all. No idea how to fix it.Need a new roof, too.don't... See more

How to store tulip bulbs?

I received some tulips lately.doni store the bulbs in the fridge till


I don't know why you changed the way your site works. Everytime i6click on craft I'm interested in,it for to your useless list of all areas. It doesn't work for me. I... See more