repairing veneer

Repairing Veneer

Repairing veneer isn't as scary as it seems. There are plenty of things to spook you this Halloween season, but cracked and missing veneer shouldn't be one of them! I love to try new things and then pass that learning along to you but instead of my usual abundance of information at once, I'm splitting this project into manageable chunks and will get to the final reveal another time! I promise, it will be worth the wait!When I stumbled on this Singer sewing table at Value Village, I thought twice about buying it, then couldn't help but bring it home with us. Although the sewing machine was long gone, I could only imagine the wondrous things that were stitched together at this very table!We've always easily found the metal stands but bases with the original wooden top are harder to come by. I'll bet that's because most people only think the metal is salvageable; a table top in this condition usually ends up in the garbage. Despite the water damage and missing/cracked veneer, I can't wait to show you that there's still plenty of life left in this ol' gal - and the table too! :)

install a patterned backsplash

Install a Patterned Backsplash

Before hubs worked his reno magic, our basement laundry room started with humble dungeon-like beginnings. It had a typical builder set-up of a double sink and connections for the washer and dryer. Who would ever want to spend time doing laundry there?

mold prevention after a water leak part 2

Mold Prevention After a Water Leak (Part 2)

Would you know what to do if your basement sprang a leak?Mold prevention – and remediation – after any kind of leak or flood is hugely important because of health implications. We learned a hard lesson last year after the pipe connected to our outdoor faucet burst and caused water damage in my newly built craft room. In that post (part 1), we showed you how we installed a frost proof faucet to repair it and make sure it wouldn’t happen again. Now that it’s Fall, we’d like to remind you to remove the hose from the faucet – even if you have a frost-proof one, so you don’t make the same mistake we did. Leaving a hose connected during the winter is a recipe for disaster!Molds can produce allergens, irritants and potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins) which can make you very sick. The key to mold prevention is moisture control. You need to dry out water damaged areas with 24 – 48 hours to prevent mold growth. Time is of the essence!Signs of WaterBe aware of signs of water damage. You may have obvious signs – like standing water – but if the leak is primarily inside the walls, it might not be so apparent. One of the more subtle things I noticed was that the baseboards had come away from my once-perfectly caulked baseboards. Then I noticed the paint was bubbled right above the baseboard and when I went to touch it, the paint easily lifted and fell away from the wall.

kitchen storage improvements do this at home

Kitchen Storage Improvements: Do This at Home!

Today we’re showing you how to maximize kitchen storage. But first, a big thank you to everyone in the Hometalk community that supported our Amara Blog Award nomination as the Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog! Birdz of a Feather has been shortlisted!!Our Improved Forever KitchenWith any kitchen reno, there are some ‘must haves’ if you plan to stay long term – but storage is a biggie! In our last post, our kitchen was renovated with the intent of putting our house on the market. After deciding to stay, and living with the kitchen for a while, we got to work changing a few things to make it more liveable for us. Our improved ‘forever’ kitchen was accomplished with three key features: better storage (pullouts and pot drawers), electrical placement and lighting. Electrical placement and lighting will be covered in a future post.Maximize Kitchen Storage with Pullouts and Pot DrawersPulloutsStandard cabinets with doors are fine for reselling a house, but are not great when you have a lot of stuff to store. Who wants to kneel down and dig around a cupboard that's so low to the ground? Not us! It's hard to reach items in the back and a nuisance to move all the things that are stacked on top of the one thing you really need! Pullout shelves not only help organize kitchen items behind closed doors, but put everything within reach!

kitchen renovation to sell a home

Kitchen Renovation to Sell a Home

Without a doubt, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses so when we were thinking of selling our house a kitchen renovation was a must! Unfortunately, the previous owner of our house didn't think that way. Below is the actual real estate picture of how the kitchen looked before I bought the house!The kitchen sported the original 80's builder cabinets with some improvisation on the part of the previous owner. For instance, see that cabinet holding the toaster oven? It looked like something that had been dragged in from the curb. Not that there's anything wrong with upcyling (it's what Birdz of a Feather thrive on!), but it didn't even have a proper countertop - just a grungy piece of painted plywood.The counter space was about the size of a postage stamp (between the sink and stove and beside the fridge). It was hardly a kitchen you'd enjoy cooking in!

vintage ink stamp holder upcycle

Vintage Ink Stamp Holder Upcycle

If you've ever wondered what to do with that one last bloom from the garden as Fall sets in, grab an ink stamp holder the next time you're out hunting for those vintage treasures. I can promise this will be the fastest, easiest and cutest 5 minute project you'll ever do!We were on the way back from a rare Saturday appointment when we stopped in at our favourite antique market much later than we would usually go. When you snooze you lose, but in this instance the timing was perfect because we probably would have overlooked this piece had we gotten there earlier!I didn't know what I was going to do with the ink stamp stand until about 2 seconds after I purchased it. Inspiration didn't take long to hit!

guitar planter

Guitar Planter

With the weather transitioning, we have a project that can displayed outdoors while the weather is still nice and then brought inside to enjoy until next Spring!We first saw a guitar planter in 2012 while vacationing in Florida when we visited the botanical gardens in Naples. It was like any traditional botanical garden until we came upon a stunning vignette in the Smith Children's Garden. It featured planters made of items from garage sales, thrift stores and donations to show that expensive flower pots and a lot of space is not needed to have a garden.This was very much up our alley: repurposing items into planters to save them from going to a landfill! The guitar planter left a lasting impression on both of us. Thinking back, it's probably where my adoration for succulents started to turn into more of an obsession!Roadside RescueRecently Hubs came across this abandoned guitar. He's the best 'Partner in Grime' a girl could ever ask for: always bringing me other people's discarded items! This guitar was beyond saving as an instrument but absolutely perfect to use as our first victim (I intend to make another one after working out some of the kinks on this one).

retro filing cabinet makeover

Retro Filing Cabinet Makeover

In a previous iteration of this retro filing cabinet, I had fun turning it into a planter. There’s nothing I won’t turn into a planter, as so many of our recent projects will attest. Today’s post is a quick one to show you how Hubs made over the filing cabinet for his mancave.Retro Filing Cabinet FindWe often upcycle roadside rescues, but It’s amazing what you can find left behind inside a rented or newly purchased house. My brother-in-law used to sublet parts of his house and over the years many people came and went…. and abandoned their stuff in various rooms. When he finally moved out of the house himself, he wanted to leave a clean slate which meant completely clearing it of years of accumulation from past renters. Hubs jumped at the opportunity to reclaim this old filing cabinet before it would have hit the curb on moving day. He didn’t know at the time where we’d ever have room for it but he grabbed it anyway.

teak chairs the makeunder

Teak Chairs: the Makeunder

We thought these teak chairs were beautiful as they were so instead of making them over, we gave them a ‘makeunder’!You know, the funny thing about DIY projects is that they somehow beget another one – often right on the heels of the project you’re working on. After Hubs banished me from the house while he was stripping our staircase, I took a walk around the neighbourhood and stumbled on these teak beauties in the GARBAGE!

window dressing dilemma

Window Dressing Dilemma

Have you ever had a window dressing dilemma? We've had several - and all with the same window! This is how the window coverings looked in the bay window at the back of the house when I first moved in; tattered and worn. The house needed so much work that window dressings fell to the bottom of the priority list.

Birdz of a Feather
Birdz of a Feather
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