faux stained glass fall leaves, crafts

Faux Stained Glass Fall Leaves #FallColors

Who's ready for Fall? I can't wait, and I love the colors of Fall, especially when reflected thru stained glass. This project is so simple to make, and really fun too.
For full tutorial and video: http://muralmaker1.blogspot.com/2012/08/make-faux-stained-glass-window-with.html

desk makeover with chalk paint, chalk paint, painted furniture

Desk Makeover With Chalk Paint® #powerofpaint

I had never used Chalk Paint® before and I really didn't believe any paint could cover what I'd done to this desk a few years ago with some "oops" paint. However, with no stripping, sanding or priming, 3 coats later I had a pristine white desk, calling for a little design fun. I wanted something fun. Different. Fresh. Something that would brighten my day each time I sat down at the desk. Some oversized ornate swirls with a contemporary vibe were just the ticket. Afterwards, the desk was sealed with three coats of clear wax.

paisley thrift store lamp makeover, crafts, lighting, painting, repurposing upcycling

Paisley Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Do you remember painting as a child? Have you ever watched your kids get totally lost in the moment when they paint?
That's what happened with this lamp. The price tag said $2 but the thrift store was having a 50% off sale.

upcycle a thrift store vase with glass paint, crafts, painting

Upcycle a thrift store vase with glass paint

I picked up this little square vase for $1 at the thrift store but it needed . . . something. I used a "puffy" paint to make random square and then just filled in with glass paint. Now it adds a myriad of colors. Only problem? I was going to use it as a holder for my art markers but it's too pretty with a candle inside!

paint pizazz for dollar store plastic leaves, crafts, painting

Paint Pizazz for Dollar Store Plastic Leaves

I am constantly amazed at what dollar stores carry now. Too much good stuff!
Ok, some of it can look a little . . . cheap. Like it only cost a dollar, you know?
Like these plastic leaves. Cute but pretty shiny. And plastic-y.

easy faux verdigris on thrift store planter, painting, repurposing upcycling

Easy Faux Verdigris on Thrift Store Planter #PowerofPaint

A lot of people hear "faux finish" and immediately think it involves some fancy paint and techniques. It doesn't have to.

spooky burlap table runner, crafts, decoupage, halloween decorations, home decor, seasonal holiday decor, Burlap black Sharpie black paint that s it

Spooky Burlap Table Runner #Halloween

Who isn't inspired by Pottery Barn? When I saw their simple Halloween table runner, I decided I'd give it a try myself. I outlined each pattern with a black marker then just painted it in with black paint. No sewing and really fun!

24 fall craft decorating projects, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

24 Fall Craft & Decorating Projects

Yes, I’m getting ready for Fall. I know it may seem a little early but
a) I need to plan ahead to allow time for paint projects and
b) Summer, I’m over you. No offense.

stenciled copper leaf table, chalk paint, painted furniture

Stenciled Copper Leaf Table

I have a little problem that I don’t talk about too much – people often assume because I can draw and paint some stuff that I’m probably pretty good at most anything creative.
And they’d be wrong. Really, really wrong, believe me.
Truth be told, I have a pretty narrow repertoire in the creative fields. The thing is, after all of this time . . . ‘half a century’ sounds ridiculously ancient . . . but it’s true . . . I’ve tried and failed and tried something else and failed and tried again and achieved . . . mediocre results. Often.

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My Craft Room Tour

I've waited a long time to have an entire room to devote to my art and crafts. Now that I have one, I've tried to maximize every square inch for storage and organization.Honestly, there is not a day that goes by that I don't walk in here and smile. I'm still working on the cuteness factor, but I'm so happy to have such a fun, and functional, workspace.

Colleen Jorgensen
Colleen Jorgensen
About meI'm a self-taught decorative artist. I enjoy teaching others how to paint too!
I'm presently self-licensing my art, making it available as cards and gifts at varied prices.