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How We DIY'd Our Way to Real Granite Countertops

You normally don’t hear DIY + granite in one sentence. It's so heavy and so expensive, and can break easily when it’s not handled property. We, like most people, never thought to do it ourselves until we noticed cheap ($10 per square foot cheap) prefab slabs at our favorite floor and tile store. After looking into other countertop options, and considering turnaround time and overall cost/quality, we decided this was the way to go.
To be able to pull this off from start to finish, we needed to buy a bunch of stuff. Here’s what our tab looked like:
$250 prefab granite slab

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Progress Tour: 1920 Duplex Rehab

My husband and I purchased our first investment property, a 1920 brick duplex, in August and have been busy at work since then. We were expecting to update the kitchen and bathroom, and redo the electrical, but that was about it. Little did we know it would turn into a whole-home gut job filled with a massive roach infestation, mice, black mold, and lots more (and yes, we had it inspected!)
Our plan for this property is to live on this side of the duplex and rent out the other side (in progress), which will essentially allow us to live for free. We know this isn't going to be our forever home, but more of a stepping stone for us. We hope we found a happy medium between functional design that can stand the test of time and wear and tear, and personal design choices.

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DIY Pallet Accent Wall

When we moved into our house, the master bedroom had one big, plain, window-free wall that was just screaming for some attention. This pallet wall was the perfect cheap (free!), high impact solution to transform not only our wall, but our entire room!

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Our Super Easy, DIY Faux Tin Ceiling

As a part of our 1920 house restoration, our electricians had to cut holes into our living room and dining room ceilings in order to update the wiring. This is what we were left with.

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Living Room Decor

Our living room was the first room we furnished when we moved into our home. It had to be cozy - that was priority #1 - but we also wanted it to be chic.

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Before & After: A $210 Guest Bathroom Refresh

When we moved into our house, the guest bath had a low-grade, brown vanity and a blueish/greyish/brownish linoleum floor. It needed a facelift, so we gave it one... for under $225!

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$49 Front Door Makeover

This is how our front doors looked when we bought our house. (Yes, we have two front doors and no we don't know why!) There wasn't anything particularly wrong with them, but we thought they were a little boring. So we made a few changes...

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DIY $7 Sweater Pillows

Now that the weather is getting cooler, we’ve been looking for subtle ways to add cozyness to our home. These Pottery Barn pillows have been on our radar… but come on, $70 for a pillow cover? We nixed that idea and decided to make our own out of something else: sweaters!

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Before & After: A Little Black & White Bathroom Gets an Update

We finally finished our historic townhome renovation! (If you follow us on Instagram, you probably knew that already, but stick with us ok?) One of our favorite makeovers in the house was the bathroom. Not only was it small and awkward (the whole thing is only 6x6), but it was also the only one in the house. A few of its many quirks included oversized sconces that prevented the door from fully opening, a toilet that almost touched the tub, and a tub that took up half the room. Also, it felt old. Not the cute, vintagey kind of old, but the grimey kind of old.

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DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

We've been posting lots of progress photos on Instagram (@beginninginthemiddle), including some of the master bedroom at our historic townhome. When we mentioned that we made the bed skirt ourselves out of painter's drop cloths, and no sewing was involved, many of you asked for a tutorial. Here goes!

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