Vinegar to kill weeds-does this work & recipe?

does this work & recipe, do you spray or pour on directl, thanx

How do i make the shower head pipe longer?

I had an outside shower installed when the house was renovated. The builder put the pipe in the wall much too high up. Andre the Giant would have a good shower!! For... See more
q how do i make the shower head pipe longer

How to remove burnt plastic from an electric stove burner?

A plasmid butter lid was put on the burner got most of it off but the small pieces of plastic are being stubborn.

Frosting containers- How can I repurpose them?

What and I do with empty frosting containers

Advice for what to do with my Singer Sewing Table...

I found a GORGEOUS singer sewing table that I'm dying to bring some life back into, but I'm terribly afraid of ruining the original charm and character. Here's the... See more
q singer sewing table, painted furniture

Tip: Put Safety First When You DIY

Tip safety first. One day I was putting up shelves in my craft shed. The tables that were in there were fully loaded with craft. I put my hand drill on the small area... See more

Crafternoons-Have you ever made bird art?

Used pictures intended for decopauge to make a bird wall art, using brown mailing paper glued to a rigid backing as the background. I used an exacto blade to cut... See more
q crafternoons

How can I keep lizards off my porch?

I know they are not supposed to hurt you, but I just can stand them. Snakes are worse of course, but I don't want to see either one of them. Help???