christmas sign

Christmas Sign

Last month, I picked up a cute Christmas sign in Walmart. I wasn't sure I loved it, but it seemed to have potential. While cleaning out my garage a few weeks later, an idea hit me and I knew I would love that sign afterall!

mid century modern lego table

Mid Century Modern LEGO Table

I know, I know...this has been done before. I'm posting this because it's the first time I have done one. Humor me. I vowed to make one of these for my grandson because he his SO into Legos.

snowman cupcake tin

Snowman Cupcake Tin

I'm a baker and a bit of a collector (hoarder?). I love baking tins, cookie cutters, etc. I have a stash of 6-cup muffin tins that I picked up at a thrift store. I have never baked only six of anything, so I'm not sure why that purchase ever happened. I have discovered something fun to do with them however...

crows sunflowers centerpiece

Crows & Sunflowers Centerpiece

I love this time of year. The crisp weather, scents of campfires, comfort food, and vibrant colors. I especially love sunflowers. I am also a collector of all things linking me to my family heritage. My father was a blueberry farmer and I grew up working on that farm. My brother gave me one of the original crates filled with the paper pints that were used back in the 1940's when our farm began. This centerpiece is a tribute to these things that I hold dear.

haunted mirror

Haunted Mirror

This weeks Hometalk Helper Challenge is to create a Halloween project. A few months ago, I picked up an ornate gold-painted framed mirror. I had no idea until today what I was going to do with it. I decided this challenge was the perfect opportunity to use the mirror frame and try a few new techniques.

jewelry box revival

Jewelry Box Revival

I found a carved wooden box at a flea market this summer. It was rough and unfinished on the inside. I doubt it was for didn't look refined by any measure. Still, I couldn't resist the challenge...

built in porch seating

Built-In Porch Seating

My sun porch is a multipurpose room at my house. First and foremost, it is my grandkid's domain when they are visiting. When I entertain, it is my overflow room. We often eat our meals out there, and it's the best place in the house to hear the rain falling. I wanted it to look better than it did and I needed storage for blankets, toys and games. I stain-painted the walls green to give it some color, pulled up the rugs and put down a vinyl floor, and then I got to work on the built-in seating. I have never built anything on my own before, but I have helped out and paid close attention to my dad when he did things. This was my first...from design to completion - even the striped pillows. I was most excited to see how sturdy it turned out...I hope I don't tire of it because it's not going anywhere.

inspired by old hollywood vanity chair

Inspired By…”Old Hollywood” Vanity Chair

Long story, short…Flea Market, ugly chair, $5, SOLD! I’ve been working on a vanity from the 1940’s and searching for the perfect chair. I found it at the flea market, however, it was hidden under layers of gaudy fabric and fringe. I knew immediately what I wanted it to look like, and for that matter, the direction my vanity was going to take. Old Hollywood. My mind conjured up images of lux fabrics and shiny trims. I hit the internet and found exactly what I needed to make it happen…glass buttons, silver velvet, and gorgeous dupioni silk. The best find I didn’t even know I was looking for was a shabby rose trim. Here's the thing…I had the chair, I had the vision, and I had the supplies. I had absolutely no idea how to reupholster a chair. I spent most of this weekend learning how.

paint staining a room

Paint Staining a Room

I'm embarking on a new room makeover. This time it's my sun porch. It is a 9 x 13 room with windows on all walls. Every area of the walls and ceiling is covered in pine boards. The boards are covered in knots and other imperfections. If I was going to paint them, I would need to fill in, sand, and prime before I could paint. That would not only be time consuming, it would be expensive. Instead, I bought a sample of the paint color I liked and did the entire room. Here's how:

uplifting frame wreath

Uplifting Frame Wreath

I just painted my front door black. It was something I've been wanting to do since I moved into my house last year. It was originally white with black frame molding. I love decorating my front porch and my door is no exception; but with that black and white door, everything I hung looked looked like it was competing for attention. Now I have a beautiful backdrop to showcase a variety of wreaths. For my summer door decor, I made this framed wreath. The frame was made by my father, out of wood from a pump house that was knocked down on our family blueberry farm . It doesn't sound like anything sentimental, but it really is. My dad has been gone for almost 10 years and that pump house was part of my childhood memories of the farm. I chose geraniums because my mother (also deceased) always had them growing on our back porch every summer. I love making family connections with my decor!

About meI am a former interior designer and custom drapery designer. I have dabbled in a variety of creative outlets over the years - just enough to be dangerous! A widowed mother of three grown daughters, I am Nonna to four beautiful grands between the ages of 3 and 6.
I have a DIY passion that covers home repairs, home decorating, sewing, furniture upcycling, and making things from scratch. My short attention span accounts for the variety of projects that I tackle.
I love spending time in antique markets, thrift stores, and architectural salvage yards. My vision usually begins after something catches my eye - then the fun begins. I am learning to use tools that once petrified me. I have even purchased a table miter saw recently. Once over the learning curve, it all becomes second nature.
I believe that if it doesn't take too much physical strength, I can probably handle it.