garden cloche diy tutorial

Garden Cloche DIY Tutorial

I’m sure I’m not the only one using tomato cages, or garden fencing, to protect plants and new sprouts in the garden and yard. Rather they’re protecting from animals, grand kids, or an inattentive mower, they can sometimes stay put most of the summer. That’s what made me think of a large garden cloche; if you’re going to look at it for months, why not make it more attractive? And, no one else will have one like it … that’s always a bonus, right?My garden cloche design got a jump start when I stumbled upon a pair of wire planter baskets at a local thrift shop for a dollar. The wire spacing on them was similar to a discarded air conditioner guard I had tucked away at home.

repurposing with salvaged aluminum screen guards

Repurposing With Salvaged Aluminum Screen Guards

Aluminum screen guards – look at all those pretty scrolls! You may want to keep your eyes open for these my repurposing friends, they’re a treasure, and have so many possibilities, used whole or cut into smaller pieces. I’ve had a small pile of them hoarded in my garage for sometime now and recently pulled them out when I was making for a market event last month.

vintage style wooden decorative brackets diy tutorial

Vintage Style Wooden Decorative Brackets DIY Tutorial

Decorative brackets can be the perfect accessory for farm style and country decorating. They can lend just the right touch when used with a shelf, accentuating the corners of a doorway or window, or supporting a flower box. Recently, I came up with a fun new bracket idea by adding chicken wire inserts for a bit of vintage flair. They take a little time, but I think they are worth the effort.I traced my bracket pattern on to 1/2″ plywood. The plywood was only finished on one side, so the pattern was traced 2 face up, 2 face down, making sure the grain was running the same direction on all, then cut out with a scroll or band saw.

making poppies diy tutorial

Making Poppies DIY Tutorial

It makes me feel good to find uses for salvaged, and reclaimed materials. Keeping anything out of the landfill is a plus.This new poppy design was created to embellish a basket, but is durable and versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways. With longer stems it can be part of a bouquet, and/or it can be wired or glued to a canvas, a frame, etc.

a console table upcycle diy tutorial

A Console Table Upcycle DIY Tutorial

I'm a diy blogger. I love to upcycle and repurpose. My old console table has been sitting in my garage for over year. I thought I'd share how I gave it a brand new look.

miniature log cabin christmas ornament diy

Miniature Log Cabin Christmas Ornament DIY

I've always been intrigued with miniature houses. When crafting for our outdoorsy themed Christmas tree this year, I thought a little log cabin ornament would fit in quite nicely, and wouldn't it be great if you could peer inside of it too?An empty Christmas light box looked like it was a perfect shape and size for my project. I checked out a few templates on Pinterest, then drew a simple one to fit my unfolded box. After cutting out the traced template, it was painted with gesso, then brown paint.

reversed etched christmas window diy christmas crafts recycled window

Reversed Etched Christmas Window DIY Christmas Crafts Recycled Window

Stop! Don't throw out those old windows! Make something pretty! I don't think it's ever to early to start crafting for Christmas, I could do it throughout the whole year. Here's a fun, easy project that's great for gift giving, vendor shows, and your own holiday decor.

painted pumpkin yard stakes diy

Painted Pumpkin Yard Stakes DIY

This simple Halloween project was made solely to please our 3 year old granddaughter, she loves pumpkins!

diy large vintage style clock

DIY Large Vintage Style Clock Hand Painted

Still looking for that one unique large clock to add character, and make a big statement in your home? Why not design and paint your own with this full diy tutorial, from start to finish!It isn't hard to find large decorative clocks nowadays, they're everywhere, but, 15 years ago the pickings were mighty thin.I was wanting something of good size for a long open stairway wall in our kitchen/dining area, and I thought a huge clock would be perfect. After several unsuccessful months of shopping, I sit staring at the wall, pondering my dilemma, when one of my then teen daughters jokingly asked why I didn't paint a mural, and be done with it. Yeah, like I could paint a mural?! The idea was enough to kick my mind into gear though, why couldn't I try to paint my own clock? And,I did! You can too!

river rock

River Rock Mosaic Garden Rock Art

With the heat and humidity keeping us indoors a lot lately, I thought it would be a great time to clean up a large catc-all area in our basement. It turned out to be a fun task actually. I found things I had been looking for, and things I forgot I had. I was pleased when I pulled a container of rocks out from under a table. Here was a garden project I'd been wanting to do for a long time. A couple years ago I made a big mosaic rock with some polished river rocks. It was meant for a show, but, found a welcome home in my garden instead. I thought a grouping of them would look cool, so I bought more rocks with the intentions of making more, but never took the time. Well, now, was the perfect time.

Vicky Kloppenborg
Vicky Kloppenborg