How do I refurbish an old kitchen cabinet (Hoosier pot belly type)?

I have an old Hoosier type kitchen cabinet that i want to refurbish, but I am not sure what I should do and what I shouldn't to it, so that it retains some value. The legs at the bottom have some damage and it has flaking white paint on it. The bottom, pot belly part, is tin and is pretty good shape overall. It does need a lot of TLC and work. I don't want it to look new, but I do want to be able to put it in my kitchen and use it to store old cookbooks and other items. How much sanding do I do? What do I seal it with? Should I repaint it?Thanks in advance for the help!Kelli

How do I add a waterfall to my garden pond?

My pond is approximately 8.5 feet by 4.5 feet. The shallow end is 2.25 feet deep and the deep end is about 3 feet. There is a ledge at both end for plants. i have a small copper fountain in the deep end and there are 7 goldfish. I took the existing waterfall out last year and would like to move it to the other end of the pond.
q how do i add a waterfall to my garden pond