What do I use to make frosted glass look like snow?

I'm trying to make matching candlestick holders with my center piece. I read that i could use Mod Podge and Epson salt. I tested it out on a wine glass of mine but I... See more
q what do i use to make frosted glass look and a snow look

I have TV trays that need to be painted. The surface is like flormica

here’s what it looks like where the finish is all spotted
q i have tv trays that need to be painted the surface is like flormica

Wall color?

On your project where maps are hung using pipe what is the color on the wall?

Crafternoons: I was looking for a way to fill wall space...

I was looking for someway to fill a wall space in my livingroom. I found this idea in a magazine and loved it but knew I couldn't afford the price they wanted. So,... See more
q i was looking for someway to fill a wall space in my livingroom

Throwback Thursday: What's Your Favorite St. Patrick's Day Decor?

Today's your lucky day! It's Throwback Thursday! We want to see pictures of your memorable St Patrick's day Decor! Dig up old photos and share them on the DIY forum,... See more
e throwback thursday what s your favorite st patrick s day decor

What should I do with this empty wall?

Ok Hometalkers, I really need your help with this one! I've been staring at this empty grey wall in my bedroom for literally MONTHS, and it's time to do something... See more
q new discussion

Brr! Drafty windows- how to cut the draft?

I have 3 sets of windows configured like this...very drafty, How to you winterize them? There is nothing in the corner to stick tape to. Thank you
q drafty windows how to cut the draft, how to

Can you help me replicate this wall design?

This is wallpaper at a hotel, and I'd really like to replicate this textured effect on one wall in my room at home, perhaps with different colors. Any suggestions in... See more
q can you help me replicate this wall design , home decor