front door decor from a thrift store find

Front Door Decor From a Thrift Store Find

I found a metal wall planter at Goodwill for one dollar while I was just generally perusing there one day (I make occasional trips to Goodwill just to see what kind of 'stuff' I can find to stash away for projects). I took it home and stored it for a while until I decided what to do with it. This is the final product:

diy chore chart system for kids

DIY Chore Chart System for Kids!

Summer is here, and after a busy school year of me working a lot more than I had anticipated, the house was a disaster. I needed a hands on, full proof, chore system that would get us all working together to get the house in order and keep it in order (because I now took on a full time job). Two working parents and 3 kids means we need an organized and efficient way to keep the house from drowning in mess and clutter. Honestly, I am really proud of this, and we have been now using it for over a month and it has worked beautifully! Here is a pic of the final product:

diy backyard american ninja warrior course summer fun

DIY Backyard American Ninja Warrior Course - Summer Fun!

My son, who is almost 9, has been obsessed with, and has been training for, American Ninja Warrior since he was about 3 years old. When we moved to our new house, with a huge back yard, surrounding woods and a wrap around deck, we new a diy course was in the works! He used this for a birthday party, and it was a huge hit with his friends. The obstacles always stay up (except the rope one, we take that down and put it back up as needed), and all of my kids' friends (even my daughters and their friends) love to come over and run the course!

diy outdoor pallet herb garden

DIY Outdoor Pallet Herb Garden

My hubby and I like to cook using fresh ingredients as much as possible, which means using lots of fresh herbs. Herbs are pricey when you buy them from the store every time you need them, and we usually never even use it all quickly enough before it goes bad. I really wanted to make my own herb garden. I wanted it to be inexpensive and something I could have on my deck right outside the back sliding doors for easy access while we are cooking. Luckily, they regularly have great 'heat-treated' pallets outside my husband's office. When growing herbs or anything edible and using pallets, you need to be sure it has the "HT" symbol on it. Here is the final result:

industrial pipe shelf version 2

Industrial Pipe Shelf - Version 2

I posted an industrial wall shelf a while back. Needless to say, we are really into the industrial look, and so I created this pipe shelf for our living room. It is all piping, no wood involved. We had a really awkward blank wall space next to our TV and under a small window, and it took me a while to finally come across this idea to fill it.

easy coffee table decor doubles as remote control tray

Easy Coffee Table Decor Doubles as Remote Control Tray

I wanted to make something for my coffee table that could double as decor and somewhere to keep all of the remotes. We have about four different remotes that have no 'home' or 'hub'. Does anyone else have this many remotes? It's so crazy! Here is my final result, with directions to follow:

easy faux brick wall

Easy Faux Brick Wall

Part of my kitchen counter comes out into the kitchen about six feet or so. You know, that part where you can maybe put some stools at the counter and can look out into the rest of the kitchen? So, the stark white 'wall' underneath the counter top was haunting me. It was so.....plain. I wasn't sure what to do with it. I thought maybe stenciling? or a mural of some sort? But everything I thought of just seemed too busy. My kitchen has some color in it already, so I didn't want to over do it. Finally, it struck me to make it into a faux brick wall. This would give it texture, without adding too much busyness. Here is the final result:

cardboard box vase

Cardboard Box Vase

I had scored a nice faux plant from Hobby Lobby but it was pretty large and I needed a good 'floor vase' to put it in in the corner of my living room.

wall coat rack from dumpster wood

Wall Coat Rack From Dumpster Wood!

I had a blank wall in my entryway that was screaming for something. I also needed a place to hang guest's coats. And I had no usable floor space left for a standing coat rack. Plus, my front entryway is not even designed well for a standing coat rack. And......I had this wonderful strong piece of wood I had grabbed outside of my husband's office building (yes, in the dumpster/trash area). I actually found it when I was collecting pallets for another project I was doing. Here is the final result of my project:

diy picture frame and backing using cardboard and wood shims

DIY Picture Frame and Backing Using Cardboard and Wood Shims

I had bought my daughter this adorable dachshund poster for her birthday, and wanted to personalize it by making the frame myself. I honestly wasn't sure how to do it with a glass front, and I also didn't want to get into cutting up wood pieces. I just wanted to come up with a simple project to get this done. After waiting until almost the last minute, inspiration finally hit. Here is the final product, with instructions to follow:

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