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Deck Design Tip:

Don't be afraid to be different when it comes to shaping and styling!
What's your favorite thing about these decks? What tips do you recommend?
Check out more unique decking ideas by clicking the link below:

deck design tip, decks, outdoor living

Deck Design Tip:

A slide is a great way to add fun and uniqueness to your two story deck.
Plus the kids will love it!

pets love decks too, decks, pets animals

Pets love decks too!

If you have any furry friends you may want to keep these tips in mind when you are building a deck:
-Your deck's railings need to be narrow enough to contain your pets; you wouldn't want your pet getting stuck.-Add a gate so that you can choose whether or not your dog needs to stay on the deck; a gate also makes the backyard easily accessible.
What are tips you recommend for your making a deck pet-friendly?

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What type of deck lighting do you like?

One of the benefits of waterproofing your under deck is the endless possibilities you have with lighting the area under your deck.
Tell us which unique deck lighting from below is your favorite! A, B, C, or D?

how hot does aluminum decking get in the sun compared to other decking, decks, Even on a hot day AridDek stays cooler than other deck board options leaving it free for everyone to enjoy

How hot does aluminum decking get in the sun compared to other decking?

It's a very common question. So, we decided to test it for ourselves to see how AridDek waterproof and aluminum decking would handle a hot sunny day in Georgia. You may be surprised by the results:

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Custom Walking Surfaces W/ DryJoistEZ Structural Deck Drainage System

DryJoistEZ is made of marine-grade, precision-extruded aluminum, the system is strong enough to replace the need for conventional wood joists and is impervious to rot, insects, mildew, and fire. But how can DryJoistEZ make your deck custom and unique? With DryJoistEZ you have the choice of choosing your favorite walking surface and using it with DryJoistEZ Structural Deck Drainage System.

When building a deck...

What do you think is the most important factor to consider when building a deck?

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Can You Paint Aluminum?

Wahoo Decks offers aluminum products and we're often asked whether or not you can paint DryJoist and DryJoistEZ. Well, the answer is yes!
Click the link to read more about painting aluminum!

deck design tip, decks

Deck Design Tip:

Use lattice under your deck for privacy of your personal belongings. An added bonus of lattice is that it also serves as great deck decor!

5 safety tips for having an outdoor fire pit wahoo decks, decks, outdoor living

5 Safety Tips for Having an Outdoor Fire Pit | Wahoo Decks

With the autumn season officially started, you are probably ready to break out the fire pit with friends and family. But before you do, check out these 5 very important safety tips for having an outdoor fire pit!
What are tips you recommend for using fire pits during the fall?

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