diy photo ornaments

DIY Photo Ornaments

We love decorating our Christmas tree with a new look or theme each year. We've decorated it with a certain color theme, we did all seashells after our big trip to the beach, in a Brazil theme when our family from Brazil came to visit, you get the idea.This year we wanted to come up with something new that was simple, but was more personal to our family. After a few ideas we settled on photos of our family!

it s a pvc christmas

DIY PVC Pipe Christmas Decor for Your Front Porch and Yard.

You probably know by now how much I love making my PVC art and I'm so excited to finally share my Christmas themed PVC pieces!All of these PVC pipe projects make such a fun and unique gift idea for just about anyone on your list.

tomato cage christmas tree

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

When I found tomato cages on clearance at the end of the season for $1 each (for the good and sturdy ones!) I had to grab a few. I planned on giving a few to my dad to use in his garden, but when he said he had enough I ended up with a few extra. They sat around for quite awhile until I finally decided what I was going to do with one of them - a christmas tree for my porch! Get the full tutorial here.

thanksgiving decor diy thankful pumpkins

Thanksgiving Decor - DIY Thankful Pumpkins

I am absolutely in love with this whole idea and these pumpkins and think that they are a great new tradition to start with your family for the Thanksgiving holiday. These pumpkins are set out on Thanksgiving and everyone that attends your Thanksgiving dinner can write down what they are thankful for.These sweet little pumpkins will be a great way to help remind your kids that they have a lot to be thankful for and a beautiful way to share your gratitude with your adult family.Plus, they are a super easy and very cheap DIY project that you can even do with your kids and they are beautiful to decorate your Thanksgiving table and your home with.

diy pvc pipe halloween decor

DIY PVC Pipe Halloween Decor

Are you still looking for some fun ways to add a little halloween decor to your front porch and yard this year? I've got a great DIY for you!Take a pvc pipe from the plumbing section of your local home improvement store and turn it into some fun characters for halloween!Start out by creating a pattern for your PVC. I have created patterns for many different types of birds and animals, plus 2 cute little PVC kids. I've also created patterns for Christmas and Easter, but for halloween, I made a skeleton, a ghost and a pumpkin. If you want to get my patterns or see what I all have available, you can check them out at

diy pvc pipe people

DIY PVC Pipe People

If you know me, you know I love creating and making things out of PVC pipe. I've made many different birds and also a few other new animals like a dog, cat and frog. They are so much fun to make and are a great item to sell at craft fairs, farmers markets, etc.But I've got another new PVC pipe project to share with you - our PVC people! The best part about these little guys is that you can customize them however you want. My favorite one is the little girl pictured here and one where I painted a Packers "G" on a shirt.

diy repurposed solar chandelier

DIY Repurposed Solar Chandelier

I found this awesome candlestick chandelier at our local thrift store and new exactly how I wanted to repurpose it. And I already knew the perfect place I was going to hang it. We're going to turn this chandelier into a solar chandelier for the backyard garden! You can get the DIY to this project and many more over at

diy a shark tooth sifter for your beach trips

DIY a Shark Tooth Sifter for Your Beach Trips!

We recently went to visit some family in Florida and spent a day on Manasota Key. There were so many people looking for shark teeth with these fancy little contraptions that I had to see what it was about. Many of the locals told me that I could buy them at local stores, but quite a few people had handmade sifters including my aunt. It was basically a wooden frame with a screen on the bottom to let the water and sand fall out, but to keep all the goodies inside.But those wooden boxes were pretty heavy for my kids to hold so I came up with something much lighter for them to drag along and hold themselves. Get the entire DIY for this beach sifter at

diy coin hole or quarter toss game

DIY Coin Hole or Quarter Toss Game

Love playing corn hole? Then you'll probably like coin hole too!This game reminds me a little bit of my younger years except it involved cups of beer instead of wood boards. ;) It was always fun playing quarters as we called it, but this coin hole game is fun for the entire family!You will need:1X4 piece of wood at least 11" longchop saw or cut off saw to cut your wood to size1 1/4" hole sawdrillwood gluesandpaper

diy lamps from a pvc pipe

DIY Lamps From a PVC Pipe!

These lamps are one of my new favorite DIY craft projects! They are a great craft to make and gift or sell since they are so unique and can be personalized to anyone.And PVC is such a fun item to repurpose. You can make so many different things with a PVC pipe, including these awesome yard birds.To make these lamps you will need:4" pvc pipe (I use schedule 35 - the thinner walled non-perforated sewer drain pipe)a pattern and some taperotary tool with attachments1" thick woodchop saw or a hacksaw for cutting your pipe down to sizejigsawacetone or sander to remove the manufacturers inkdrill1 1/4" hole saw4 1/4" hole sawputty knifecaulksnap-in socket light kit* Your cost for making this project will vary greatly depending upon what tools you already have. I basically only had to buy a 4" pipe and a light socket kit.

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