how to resurrect a park bench from the dead

How To Resurrect A Park Bench From The Dead

One doesn’t think about resurrecting furniture, but there are times I swear that the things I find have no heart beat! I mean D E A D dead! Just like this park bench I found on the side of the road. It’s the nurse in me that wants to save everything, especially furniture. Besides it was FREE!

how to make a headboard bench in 1 day

How To Make A Headboard Bench In 1 Day

OMG! This headboard bench turned out better that I thought it would. It took a crazy design twist when my paintbrush came out. Read on...

if you think painting fabric furniture is easy you are right

If You Think Painting Fabric Furniture is Easy, You Are RIGHT!

Painting fabric furniture is so much fun and way easier than reupholstering… not to mention less expensive. This project started as a conversation with a local hairdresser. We both have a love for color and pretty things. What hairdresser doesn’t love color, right? Well, we immediately knew after a brief conversation that this was going to happen. We made a few plans and the hunt was on. It didn’t take her long to find the perfect sofa for the project. Read on…

how to easily create an amazing modern painted canvas

How To Easily Create An Amazing Modern Painted Canvas

Did you know that you can easily create a modern painted canvas with leftover paint? Oh ya. I used the paint pour technique for this project and I was really pleased with the results. Being a furniture artist means I have a lot of leftover paint. You know the 1/4 inch in the bottom of the container paint? Don't throw that away. You can create amazing art for your walls with just a few dollars, and you can even put your own artistic twist on it. Nailed it on the first try and didn't even use a paintbrush! Now that's painting!

how to paint amazing gold dipped furniture for the win

How To Paint Amazing GOLD Dipped Furniture For The Win!

Finding this small desk turned out to be just the right piece to try the gold dipped technique that I had been drooling over for so long. This makeover was done several years ago but I came across some old pics before I even knew about blogging and thought this was share worthy. So here is how this project went down!I started this project in the usual fashion by cleaning and sanding any areas that are rough. Especially with this piece because of the metallic that I have planned on using. Metallics are not forgiving with a lumpy bumpy finish. It needs to be super smooth for the gold dipped look so I took my time with it.

i used okra to make front door wreaths here s what happened

I Used Okra To Make Front Door Wreaths. Here’s What Happened!

Whenever I can I like to incorporate natural things into my home decor. The okra wreath was totally not my idea, but a sweet friend inspired me with her project. She had made a similar wreath from dried okra and she knew once I seen hers, I’d have to have one for my front door.

how to apply gold leaf to your furniture

How To Apply Gold Leaf To Your Furniture

Black furniture can be so dramatic in the right space, especially if you accent it with gold. While gold leaf is nothing new, it’s still my go to when I want to add a bit of glam to furniture and home decor.

how to make decorative shelves the easy way

How To Make Decorative Shelves The Easy Way

Decorative shelves can be a simple and easy diy project if you have a wooden box. Just paint and hang on the wall for instant style in your space.

how to make wooden tags in 6 easy steps

How To Make Wooden Tags In 6 Easy Steps

Create beautiful rustic wooden tags in just 6 easy steps. Add them to gifts or just use in home decor for an added cute factor.

country craft christmas stencil hack

Country Craft Christmas Stencil Hack

This easy DIY tutorial is simple enough for anyone to make. A flat surface, a can of spray paint and a felt table decor from the Dollar Tree.

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