the easiest way to clean your front porch this summer

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Front Porch This Summer

Springtime is long-gone and by now, front porches are left with caked-on pollen, lots of dirt, and a dead bug graveyard. This weekend you can give your porch some love and get it fresh and clean for summer parties with minimal time and effort. I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to make this process really fast and super easy.

diy bar cart makeover

DIY Bar Cart Makeover

I found an old bar cart while visiting the Country Living Fair in Atlanta a couple of years ago. I managed to take it home for only $15, but my husband had to carry it everywhere with its worn paint, broken wheels, and enough rust to make a shipwreck site at the bottom of the ocean look clean. All it needed, though, was a little simple DIY love, and now this once ugly bar cart is the center of attention in my dining area.

diy fabric drawer dividers

DIY Fabric Drawer Dividers

One place where I have to have organization in my home is in my dresser drawers. Maybe I'm borderline OCD, but there's just something about having all your clothes visible and neat that makes getting ready in the morning so much less chaotic. You could just buy some plastic dividers, but as much as you paid for your clothes, do they really deserve such cheap neighbors? The best ones are $30 a piece, and no one on a budget is going to pay that much for dividers you still have to shape. So how do you compromise between high quality and low spending? You make your own fabric dividers with only four materials.

diy paint sample bookmarks

DIY Paint Sample Bookmarks

Every now and then, a good book is just irresistible. It’s the kind of book that takes you away, stops time, and makes you see and hear the characters as if they are standing in your living room. Those are the kind of books you can’t put down.And then, of course, you have to put them down. Life somehow turns those minutes away from the book into hours and days into weeks, and by the time you get back, you forget who Fabio and Latricia even are, and why they’re about to be eaten by a giant octopus that somehow ended up in the middle of Times Square.That was what you were reading, wasn’t it? No? OK, I’ll move on.Wouldn’t you like to have a bookmark that was so much more exciting than a folded page or those cheap paper ones your kids always seem to “lose?” If you made a bookmark yourself, not only would it look more inviting, but you’d want to show it off and put your personal bookmark in as many of your favorite books as possible. In other words, you’d finish the books. The secret to escaping the dreaded dog-eared page is to get some paint sample cards, and the best part is that you can make these book beauties for free!

diy wool dryer balls

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Lately I’ve been getting into a cleaner and greener lifestyle. The crazy amount of chemicals I had been using in my home was starting to get out of hand. I realized I’d been relying products with words I can’t even pronounce to keep my home clean. Bad idea, I know, but honestly, I just got lazy. This year I’m vowing to decrease the amount of chemicals I use and replace them with natural and safe alternatives. One area I’m focusing on first is my laundry room. There are so many products I have in my laundry closet, and I doubt any of them are good for my skin. Today I want to share a quick and easy DIY Wool Dryer Ball tutorial in an effort to ditch dryer sheets once and for all.

easy diy agate stone coasters

Easy DIY Agate Stone Coasters

I’ll admit it, I’ve gotten into crystals lately. Do I believe in them and their healing powers? No. But do I love the gorgeous colors and natural shapes and textures? Absolutely. My husband and son think I’m pretty much insane for dropping [quite a bit of] money on “rocks”, and I guess that’s justified. But I like what I like. Speaking of what I like, I’ve been crushing hard on those agate coasters I keep seeing on Pinterest. If you buy them premade, they can run up to $40 or $50. Whoa, I don’t like them that much! But I found a super easy way to make them myself, and spend less than half of that price. Want to make your own DIY Agate Stone Coasters? Of course you do.

how to paint a tile floor without losing your mind

How To Paint A Tile Floor Without Losing Your Mind

It’s been just a few days since I shared my hall bath remodel.Since then, I’ve gotten tons of comments and emails on the painted tile floors.I’ll be honest, at one point when I had been squatted down in the floor [with my head up against the toilet] for twenty straight minutes, I considered scraping it all off and just quitting.This is not a quick and easy project, I’ll tell you that right now.But you can see from the photos of the finished bathroom, it’s totally worth it.Today I’m going to share my very honest tutorial on how I pulled off these gorgeous floors.Don’t expect me to tell you have simple it was and how I did it right the first time. Those motivating tutorials are somewhere else on the web. With me, you’re going to get the real truth so you can be prepared for everything. That’s something I wish I had before I started.But even if I had known all these things, I still would have done it, so don’t be dissuaded.If I can do it, you can too.

small bathroom remodel on a budget

Small Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

I’ve been remodeling my guest bathroom for such a long time, and at one point I thought it was never going to get done.I considered just turning off the water in there, locking the door, and telling everyone it’s just a random junk closet.Okay, I get it. That’s a little dramatic…But it totally went through my mind once or twice. Or 12 times.I powered through, though, and I can safely say The Bathroom Is Done.Pass me the championship belt, blast my victory song, and pop the champagne.And never, never, never make me remodel a bathroom again. (This year. Ha!)

how to make holiday popcorn garland

How to Make Holiday Popcorn Garland

For years, my son has always wanted to make popcorn garland for our Christmas tree.And for years, popcorn has been my dog Kenai’s favorite snack.So the answer was always “no son, sorry.”This is our second Christmas since my sweet Kenai has passed, so I decided it’s time to let my kiddo have his dream tree.We turned on a movie, had some delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream, and strung popcorn for hours.I’d love to say it was perfect from the start, but it took a little trial and error to perfect the process.So just in case your little ones want to deck the halls with traditional popcorn garland, today I’m sharing my first-hand tips on what to (and not to) do during the process.

how to restore shine and deep clean your silverware

How to Restore Shine and Deep Clean Your Silverware

We use our silverware every single day, and I’m assuming you probably do, too. But is it really as clean as you think it is? Sure, you pop them in the dishwasher after eating and you use the best dishwashing detergent money can buy. Good enough, right?Nope.

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