how a pattern and a ribbon saved my old bedroom curtains

How a Pattern and a Ribbon Saved My Old Bedroom Curtains

Here’s a simple story of an old pair of curtains and a red ribbon that updated my bedroom and turned into my favorite window treatment from all time.Keep reading to get inspired, and develop your own makeover project based on this awesome DIY idea!!

how to diy ikea style paper lampshades

How to DIY Ikea Style Paper Lampshades

You know that feeling when you see something cool for home design, and want one for yourself, but you don’t know where to get it from so you end up crafting it by yourself? For me, it was a lampshade from Ikea. By the time I found out the source it was too late, I already had these two handmade lampshades. Mine costed half the price and are more beautiful… Anyway, Ikea only had them white!

the fake concretet boxes that you can easily diy

The Fake Concrete Boxes That You Can Easily DIY

If you already love concrete DIY projects, then here’s one more idea to try. I will show you how to use old bath towels to build amazing cement boxes that you can use as planters or for storage.Keep reading!

the u shaped rack that solves a big problem

The U-Shaped Rack That Solves a Big Problem

I needed a good storage idea to end all this mess, and I found it. It was inspired by a video that I saw on Facebook, and it took me a couple of hours to build it on my own!So here it is, the U-shaped shelf that suddenly improved my storage space and allowed me to display all my spices inside the cupboard!

the easy steps to tame your virginia creeper

The Easy Steps to Tame Your Virginia Creeper

Despite being known as a very intrusive vine, this plant is an unbelievable resource for landscaping if you know how to tame it right. These tricks will help you turn this vine into an asset that will make your garden wonderful year after year.

a creative makeover for an ikea bar stool

Ikea Hack: Ingolf Bar Stool Makeover

I love this stool’s shape, so I had to find a way to make it look lovely again after ten years of usage. I could not miss the opportunity to put my creativity to work for another Ikea hack. I sanded, I painted, and glued, then painted again. Here’s the result and the steps to take if you want to replicate my project!

next level rock painting 3 steps to perfect mandalas

Next Level Rock Painting: 3 Steps to Perfect Mandalas

There are no rules for drawing, as there are no rules for being creative. Still, if you want to take your rock painting to the next level, then these 3 steps I took in my project for drawing perfect mandals are exactly what you need.

how to build a mini boat from branches

How to Build a Mini Boat From Branches

Since buying a boat or even building one is an expensive project, I choose to play small and build small. So I came up with this idea to craft a decorative boat on a budget. Actually, with no budget, because I did it without spending a dime. Here’s how to craft this DIY project!

how to craft cacti that rock

How to Craft Cacti That Rock!

This project is something pretty similar to what I used to craft as a kid. It only requires a few regular rocks and a bit of paint to craft the most harmless cacti you would ever own!

old stool makeover with chalk paint and ink drawing

Old Stool Makeover, With Chalk Paint and Ink Drawing

My father was a carpenter, and he had golden hands. One of the few things that he crafted for me and I still have is a small stool with curved legs. Despite its lovely appearance, I could hardly find a place for it in my home. It just didn’t fit in…It was desperately asking for a makeover, and I heard its calling. Now the little fellow fits in perfectly, because it has been painted and decorated with stencils and ink.And it was also a good opportunity to test if chalk paint goes along with ink markers.

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