ornaments from formica swatches

Ornaments From Formica Swatches

Digging through my Treasure Stash I came across some old Formica Swatches.Big ones and little ones. I knew there had to be something Christmasy I could make with with wonders!

cinnamon coated apples

Cinnamon Coated Apples

Autumn brings with it warm and inviting scents.Apples and Cinnamon spring to mind.I love to walk into a room and smell those heavenly scents.

making of a whimsical nest

Making of a Whimsical Nest

I always like to have fun new discoveries for the littles to come upon when they spend the night. The expressions on their faces are adorable and go right into my Heart's Memories. I can't take credit for this idea, I saw the one Empress of Dirt made for her shed roof 💙

make your own grapevine wreath

Make Your Own Grapevine Wreath

It's nearing that time of the year that I dread ~ Pruning. Does your yard look like a jungle too?Does your grapevine reach out to touch you from the other side of the garden? It's just about time to prune back this grabby gal this Fall! Let's dig out those clippers and let's get started!

great smelling fall decor

Great Smelling Fall Decor

These Potpourri pies have been around for quite some time. I haven't thought about them in years. The Holidays will be here before we know it (don't shoot the messenger!) and I've been trying to think of something different to give out to my neighbors.Then these popped into my head! Different - check Unique - checkSmells awesome - checkCalorie free - check!

under the sea

Under The Sea

It maybe Fall but with temps in the high 90's it's hard to think of it as a seasonal change yet.Still craving the beach and adding to my Mermaid Deck, I thought "Why not a Mermaid Garden?"

fairy garden drawers

Fairy Garden Drawers

You find a couple of drawers in great condition along the roadside. Grab them up. When asked what are you going to do with those? You answer "I'd like to make a Fairy Garden someday". You plan to make the decor your self, lo and behold every occasion that comes up you receive Fairy Goodies!Fast forward a couple years to actually getting to make your Fairy Garden! Here it is! Not exactly as I planned but just as cute and what fun!

deck makeover mermaid style

Deck Makeover ~ Mermaid Style?

I was feeling my backyard needed some umph. Maybe I had been staring at all the same plants for far too long and tiring of pruning. No, I'm not getting rid of any of my plants! But needed something new, maybe even fun and whimsical to find around the paths.I started this project early last Fall and am happy to say I did finish it before winter! I always think I can finish things much faster in my mind than I really can - real life always takes priority over projects. So delays are inevitable. The deck makeover is the first of the many ideas i had swirling around in my mind for my backyard. Probably because it is the first thing when stepping out the back door.My imagination is still progressing through the yard, a little slower than I would like, but it is moving forward.

it s 5 o clock somewhere

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!

Yes, I jumped on the Flip Flop Bandwagon!I usually don't like to follow trends, but these were just too darn cute and brought back the good memories of living in Miami.I'm on a mission of using what I have to try to thin out supplies, at least some!

fold out ironing board transformation

Fold Out Ironing Board Transformation

Growing up Dad had this cabinet hanging in his shop with small tools, products, etc. in it. I always loved those little shelves.I always thought it was just another cabinet he had picked up along the way that he made into storage. Being a carpenter, he was always bringing home odds and ends.When we cleaned out the farm I asked my sister if I could have the cabinet. Of course, she said yes. That's when she told me it was originally a fold out ironing board that came with the house and that Mom and Dad had removed it. I then noticed the burnt area down by air vents - that I had never payed attention to before. Not sure what the story was there, but understand now why it was removed.

Debbie / Dragonfly Treasure
Debbie / Dragonfly Treasure
About meI've been making all sorts of things since I was little. Being raised on a farm there was lots of room for creativity & imagination. A country girl at heart, then living in many different places, I have a broad range of what I consider Treasure. From a shiny piece of sea glass on Jewel Beach in Kodiak Alaska to a cup of Cuban Coffee in Miami Florida, then settling back in California, I have found treasure everywhere. But my heart belongs to the past. I love all things old & the hunt to find them. Whether to enjoy them as they are or to find a new purpose, they all have a special place in my heart.