simple easy custom diy deck railings

Simple Easy Custom DIY Deck Railings

I remember when I called my dad and said I wanted to change my deck railings. They were old and needed to be taken down. He said, ok what were you thinking? I replied. Well, I was thinking about chicken wire. Then there was silence on the other end of the phone. In this tutorial, I am going to show how to build custom railings using unconventional materials.

900 bright diy kitchen update, home improvement, kitchen backsplash, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting

$900 Bright DIY Kitchen Update

In the beginning it was all blue. The ceiling was blue, the walls were blue, even the tiles were blue. It made me blue. My lacked order; functionality, but most of all, it lacked appeal. Lets face it…It was ugly! You can say it. I did. And to top it off, my budget was ugly.

the most used table in my house and its not in the kitchen, garages, home maintenance repairs, tools, woodworking projects

The Most Used Table in My House, And Its Not in the Kitchen

Now I’ve always been in love with DIY and home improvement. I love decorating and making things with my hands. But recently, I discovered the joys of woodworking. I quickly realized that I needed to upgrade my tools to include a compound miter saw. That being said, I needed a more permanent place to store my saw and to safely cut longer pieces.

how to make a tufted anything without sewing

How to Make a Tufted Anything Without Sewing

I don't know about you, but every time I see a bed with tufted headboard or a tufted bench I completely fall in love with the piece of furniture. There is just something so elegant and sophisticated about anything that is tufted. So I had been dreaming of this tufted bench for the longest time! I originally saw it in a magazine. Then when I saw it in the store my jaw dropped. It was so incredibly expensive! There was no way on my small budget I could afford that. So in in true ToolBox Divas Style I set out to make my own tufted bench. In doing to I came up with the worlds easiest tufting hack. I will show you how you can use this technique to create a diamond tufted headboard or bench or what ever piece of tufted furniture of your dreams. And NO sewing needles or threads or even peg boards required. So please, don't be intimidated by this. You Got This!

local tool library, crafts, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, tools, woodworking projects

3 Reasons to Discover Your Local Tool Library

Imagine going to the library and instead of borrowing books, you borrow tools. Sounds like some crazy West Coast concept, right? Well, quite the contrary, the conception of the first tool library actually occurred in 1976, in Columbus, OH at Rebuilding Together Central Ohio.
All around the country a movement is forming. Tool libraries are opening up and changing the look and feel of its surrounding communities for the better.
What is a tool library? It’s a place where members can borrow tools of all sorts, participate instructional classes, and rent workshop space at a minimal or no cost option. It is a form of community sharing, similar to that of community gardens. To become a member there is typically a sliding membership fee, usually based upon income. Tools are loaned out for one week at a time usually. It’s affordable and makes tools accessible to the average person.

diy blanket ladder for a baby s room, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, woodworking projects

DIY Blanket Ladder For a Baby's Room

I know Winter is gone and we are moving full steam into spring. But I wanted to share with you this blanket ladder I made for two friend's baby showers. OK, I don't know what it is? Maybe its in the water, maybe its just where I am in life, or maybe it was the incredibly cold winter we just wrapped up that had everyone locked indoors, BUT all of my girlfriends are having babies. In March, I had 1 to 2 baby showers each Saturday (ok maybe that was an exaggeration). But its not too far off. I was thinking, 'darn I can't afford all these babies.' What am I going to do?! Then one of my girlfriends texted me a photo of this Pottery Barn blanket ladder that she wanted for her baby. It was $179. You got to be kidding me?! That's just some 2x2 or 1x2 at the most. Either way I'm in the wrong line of business. She asked, 'Can you make this for me?'
My response, 'Yes, I can.'
So for all of you ladies, who might find yourself in a similar situation or you're a mother-to-be dreaming of Pottery Barn decor for your nursery, this DIY is for you.

elegant tufted bench with hidden storage

Elegant Tufted Bench With Hidden Storage

I have been dreaming of getting a tufted bench that I could place at the foot of my bed for years now. The only problem it was always ridiculously priced out of my range. Home decorations may just might be the most expensive part of home ownership, Hahaha. So when given the opportunity to work with Osborne Wood Products I was so excited. I knew right away what I wanted to build. This is one of my favorite DIY projects to date. Here’s how I did it.

minimalist clothes rack wardrobe for small spaces

Minimalist Clothes Rack|Wardrobe for Small Spaces

New apartment? Tiny closets? Or your new apartment didn't come with closets? Too many times we struggle with lack of storage space in small areas. We over shop or she just live in a space with limited closet space. I might be an over shopper....Don't judge... I am a diva after all .Well in this tutorial I am going to show you how to create storage and closet space that is compact and portable. It is a complete wardrobe unit. You can hang your clothes, store shoes, purses makeup and look at yourself in the mirror to check out your makeup and outfit. If you like minimalist decorations, you're sure to love this tutorial on how to make a stylish clothes rack.Learn how to create a minimalist closet display for a capsule wardrobe. For complete instructions and downloadable plans with cut list please refer to the full tutorialOutside of the box storage options

every girl s dream jewelry dresser

Every Girl's Dream Jewelry Dresser

Every Girl has dreams of diamonds and pearls, right? Well, what do you do when you get all those jewels; where do you store it? In your dream jewelry dresser, of course. In this tutorial, I show you how to create an adorable customizable modern jewelry box. Every Girl has dreams of diamonds and pearls, right? Well, what do you do when you get all those jewels; where do you store it? In your dream jewelry dresser, of course. In this tutorial, I show you how to create an adorable customizable modern jewelry box. Think outside the box storage options, except it's in the box .

halloween pumpkin fire pit

Halloween Pumpkin Fire Pit

Are you ready for Halloween? I mean are you ready for the spooktacular event that is Halloween? No? Well get ready with this DIY Concrete Pumpkin Fire Pit. Decorate your front porch or walkway with these flaming pumpkin heads. . HALLOWEEN IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER AND ITS TIME TO DECORATE. I’M GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW TO CREATE A SIMPLE CONCRETE PUMPKIN FIRE PIT USING A $1 CANDY BUCKET JACK-O-LANTERN FROM WALMART AS A MOLD.With Halloween right around the corner its time to get festive. It's getting a bit chilly now with fall underway so I thought I'd mix it up a bit by making a fire pit that I could also display as decoration. Not that I needed an excuse but, it also provides a great excuse to work with concrete, which I hadn't done in some time since making these DIY Halloween Decorations using Concrete and Plaster!OK Let's Get Dirty!****Just be mindful that this may not be safe around small children, kids with draping costumes you know, common sense type things.

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