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Paint Your Walls Easily . . . and Change the Whole Vibe!

I was thoroughly tired of the beige walls in my kitchen. I chose that colour, Stonehouse by Benjamin Moore, originally to go with my flooring and dinnerware (Bazaar Brown from Walmart). Yes, it matched well. However, I am just beiged out. I have a love affair with grey that could not be ignored any longer!Here's the 'before' picture:

update an older cathedral arch mirror

Update an Older Cathedral Arch Mirror

I have been drooling over arch mirrors for awhile now. There have been a few on the local auction sites but they were tall and skinny and selling way over my budget. So when THIS mirror came up in my Facebook newsfeed, for sale in a local buy & sell group, I jumped on it asap. My bartering instincts always overtake me and I bartered and immediately another buyer offered the lady full price. I could have kicked myself! Imagine my surprise when not too long afterwards I received an inbox saying I could have it! Yay, me!!!It is a heavy, solid wood Bombay mirror! Gorgeous, isn't it?? I hung it as is to get an idea of how it would look there where I wanted it.

transform an old discarded window

Transform an Old Discarded Window!

I bought this old window from a friend who was selling a few of them. It was really in quite bad shape but the price was fair. One window pane was broken in the corner but when I seen the window, I knew it wouldn't be a problem at all.The first thing that I did was clean it up. The back of the window had each pane framed out in extra pieces of wood like a picture frame. However, those were mostly rotten so I removed all the crumbling pieces. After cleaning the backs of the glass thoroughly, it was time for the antiquing process! I followed the same process as I did before. Click "HERE" to read that post and see the ratio of vinegar to water that I used. To brief it here, I sprayed the vinegar water onto the backs of the glass and then immediately sprayed Krylon Looking Glass spray very generously. Then, right away I blotted it with a crumbled up fresh piece of paper towel. That removes the Looking Glass spray from the wets spots of the vinegar water. This creates that antique glass look. I repeated this process a second time and then let it dry.

lovin me some dixie belle paint

Lovin' Me Some Dixie Belle Paint!

I got this chair at an online auction. When I picked it up, my first thought was to stain the wood black. The wood grain was so pronounced and beautiful! However, before I had the time to work on the chair, I received paint from Dixie Belle Paints and I just couldn't wait to try it out.

outdoor business sign on a budget

Outdoor Business Sign . . . on a Budget!

When your Interior Decorating business slogan is "Reflecting beauty within YOUR budget" and you run a DIY blog about how to do things as inexpensively as possible, your business sign out on your lawn should reflect those principles, right? I am right proud of how my sign turned out!

custom message board wall decor

Custom Message Board Wall Decor

I have been drooling over those lettered message boards that are all over the blogs these days, however, I haven't been able to justify the expense. I just HAD to come up with a way to have a message board that was not only pretty but affordable. What I came up with IS less expensive and also stands alone as decor. With the traditional letter message boards, you would also have to have other decor around it to dress it up a bit. It doesn't 'stand alone'. That is how I looked at it anyway. :)

from boring to moroccan

From Boring to Moroccan

I bought this little side table several months ago seeing its potential. I like to refinish furniture and give it 'A Fresh Perspective'.

a lesson learned about building floating shelves, The finished

A Lesson Learned About Building Floating Shelves

Trying to build floating shelves too narrow does NOT work, folks. LOL. The shelves I had built 4 months ago was a fail. The reasons it was not a successful build?There was only one wall stud to screw into and we only used regular drywall screw-in anchors for the other attachment spots.The base that the shelf slid onto was too narrow and therefore not stable.The shelf was built too deep for the narrow & unstable base structure.Why did I build them that way? I had mistakenly thought that my shelves would look to bulky being thick and the reason I built them deep is that originally I had planned to set my dinnerware on them.But that was before and this is now. Check out the before & after!

quick easy exterior makeover

Quick & Easy Exterior Makeover!

With just cheap lumber, stain, screws, and some paint . . . ta da! An exterior makeover can happen in just one day! This used to be my parents' house and they downsized, moving 10 minutes away to a small house with a much smaller yard. My family & I happily moved into this gem! The "before" was cute, of course, because my mom styled it and she is good at this stuff. (Yup, I got my talents from my mom.) However, the style wasn't my own personal taste and I really wanted to make this house "my own".

this upcycle created a beautiful kitchen island

This Upcycle Created a Beautiful Kitchen Island

With the bottom half of a china cabinet, a piece of a solid wood door, and some decorative bookends, we have a beautiful kitchen island! Come along with me to see how this transformation took place.

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