love seat makeover

Love Seat Makeover

I've had this love seat and it's matching couch for about 15 years. After a while it started have aging issues like we all do. The seat springs started breaking, I put a piece of OSB under the cushions for support. That lasted quite a long time. (I actually just used it yesterday to make a storage shelf in my garage.) The cushions started to compress and it was no longer comfortable to sit on. Time for a face lift.

tin can tune up

Tin Can Tune-up

I used to have a glass jar in my bathroom that held all the little tubes of things you use in a bathroom. One day my cat got startled and knocked that jar to the floor and well we all know what glass does when it suddenly makes contact with a hard surface. I needed something that wouldn't shatter should something like that happen again.

sofa bed redo

Sofa Bed Redo

I had this old sofa bed out in the garage. I used to love to lay on it to read it is one of the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on. But as my crafts have slowly taken over the garage it got pushed to the side and became the cats couch. In the living room my 15 year old couch had seen better days. The springs were breaking and it was killing my sciatica. Time for a make over. That old couch will get put to use in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

giving metal garden flowers a new look with unicorn spit

Giving Metal Garden Flowers a New Look With Unicorn Spit.

I bought these flowers at Costco on a couple of my recent trips. They were $20 each. The first one I brought home was the Mum, it was all they had in the store. Once I was home I noticed there were two other types of flower on the box. I put them on my shopping list to see if they had them on my next trip. They did so I bought the rose and the tulip too. They are powder coated and in my opinion rather plain. One in the garden looking rusted would be fine but three, to me was kind of blah. I had bought the set of Unicorn Spit off Amazon a few months ago and as of yet hadn't used it. This seemed like the perfect thing to test it on.

multi purpose rack

Multi Purpose Rack.

I saw a really cool dying project a while back on Hometalk. I knew right away it was something I wanted to do. It was going to be a very large project so I was going to need a bigger frame for dying the fabric. Amanda used a cooling rack for her blanket, I had about 20 yards of fabric.... Ok let's get to work making a cheap frame.

large scale ice dye

Large Scale Ice Dye

When I first saw this idea on Hometalk I knew it was something I had to try. I have done all kinds of different tie dye projects. It started in elementary school, the school had us bring in shirts and well the rest is history. LOL I have dyed towels as a gift to a friend who loved tie dye, I have made shirts for fun and once I even dyed a shirt to cover up a red stain. You know how it is a red something gets in the wash and ruins your favorite shirt. Pink dye to the rescue. This idea from Amanda I have a ton of white fabric and I want to use it to reupholster a couch and possibly a matching chair. But... WHITE??? not with 5 cats and 2 dogs and a handicapped kid who regularly pees on my couch. Then I saw the ice dye idea and well inspiration struck.

tiling a kitchen window shelf

Tiling a Kitchen Window Shelf

I put a shelf in my kitchen window ages ago, at first it was fine. But eventually water drips had damaged it. I really didn't want to remove it and put in another one, so I decided to use some of my alcohol ink painted tiles to make it look pretty and protect it from further damage.

spring wreath

Spring Wreath

I was at my local Dollar Tree the other day and they had so many spring flower sprigs, I just couldn't help myself. I HAD to make something with them. When I was a teen my older cousin made our grandmother a wreath from a hat. It was so pretty. When I saw the hats I decided I would use that as my base.

how to install a power strip

How to Install a Power Strip

My kitchen has two outlets that are easily accessible. Once you plug in the coffee maker and the under cabinet light that doesn't leave you much to work with. My oldest was forever unplugging the light to plug in the mixer to make mashed potatoes but then he'd forget to plug the light back in. Oh well there are worse problems in the world... At least it wasn't the coffee that he unplugged.

privacy window film

Privacy Window Film

My youngest has Down Syndrome and that comes with some OCD issues. He refuses to have curtains in his window. I have tried everything I could think of from heavy duty rods to sheets directly nailed into the wall. I hung a blanket outside but that comes with two issues. One, I can't open it from inside and two, eventually it will fall off due to weather damage. I saw posts using gallery glass as finger paint it was a fantastic idea but he wouldn't leave it alone long enough to dry. One day while browsing amazon I saw this privacy film. It was a cost effective solution to my problem. During the day it lets in the light and at night you can't see in.

Nadine Hartman Bourne
Nadine Hartman Bourne
About meSo many crafty ideas in my head, so many Pinterest pages. Maybe if I start a blog I might stop crocheting long enough to do other stuff. Oh sure I have done other things, I've made jewelery and soap. I cross stitch and sew and knit. I've made Christmas cards, I own a Cricut and Sizzix. I have 4 sewing machines and at least one works. My granddaughter knows grandma can make anything. She wanted an Olaf so I crocheted her one. She got a ferret a few weeks ago and needed a hammock and a hidey hole for it, so I dragged out the sewing machine and whipped those out. I made my aunt a bunch of Doctor Who dolls and needed doll stands. Have you any idea of how much those cost?? So I made some. I get that from my grandmothers. They could look at clothes in a store and go home and make them. Now while I don't make my own clothes. I do see things in the store and think Oh I like that and look at the tag... Oh no I don't like that, THAT much. HA!. I remember years ago seeing an ornament for sale on a tree. It was called Santa's belly and was $9.99. All it was, was a red ball with a black ribbon around the fattest part and a tiny belt buckle. For $5.99 I could buy a dozen red balls and 99 cents would get me a spool of black ribbon, and I was sure in my scrapbook stash I would find something that would suffice for a buckle. I made a few and gave away some as Christmas presents. That's how I roll. Share the love. I recently had a friend tell me she was a bad friend because I make her stuff and she doesn't make stuff. No honey you aren't a bad friend. I just can't sit still so, I make stuff. I see something that I am sure would be perfect for someone and I make it and send it off. I have sent stuff to a friend who lives 3 miles away just so they can be surprised. I love to hear you just made my day!. I had no idea a cousin was going through a crisis but I knew she loved elephants and bright colored things. I sent her an afghan and the cutest crocheted elephant with a dangling heart. I sent her a note Thinking of you. I later found out her mother was ill. Sometimes it really is just the thought that counts. So I hope to inspire and share the love. I am really bad at keeping a journal so I hope to do better at sharing the things I make.